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living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

lovely and amazing

Mr. Darcy is alive and well...and a bit too recovered in my mind! (Coach, thanks for asking). The vet said I can't take him on a walk for FIVE DAYS!!! Now here's the problem with that: he's a border collie, meaning his energy level normally requires a 45-minute walk in the morning and a half hour walk or run in the afternoon. See, he and I are kindof like that: cara can't/won't/doesn't fall asleep well if she hasn't let out some energy exercise-wise during the day. What a great problem. But back to the dog - he's going to go insane! Where's a girl to get a tranquilizer to help a doggie out?

Among other news:

*finished reading IN STYLE (lovely magazine) and AKA: LOST (practical book...people who don't know Jesus aren't lost, they're just Christians need to get rid of the step by step evangelism process of how to "convert" people, and just work on being themselves and loving them) last night when I couldn't fall asleep. (See previous paragraph).

*Vacation :: sunshine :: Arizona :: five days. (If you can't get a tix to KS to see the Moores, go to AZ instead!). I've picked out the following books for the trip, but frankly, if, in the spirit of vacation I don't want to read, I'm not! The Awakening (Kate Chopin), Telling Secrets (Frederick Beuchner), The Actual (Saul Bellow), and then Measure for Measure (Shakespeare). This could be reminiscient of Cameron Diaz's character in The Holiday, who takes a stack of all the books she's been meaning and wanting to read over vacation, and doesn't get past page 2.

*About to watch the movie, LOVELY AND AMAZING. I heart indie films.

*Here I end with a picture of Mr. Darcy and his new BFF, Bruce. Bruce is my buddy Lizzy's new golden retriever, and he's PRECIOUS SAUCE.


james said...

couldn't agree with you more on the evangelism thing. honestly, I believe it is the most sincere way to allow others to see the gospel, i.e. when it isn't agenda driven.

Kristin said...

Okay, a few thoughts -
Kate Chopin - I read a few short stories by her - wonderful.
The Holiday - Saw it twice in the theater. Own the DVD. Please don't lose respect for me!
Evangelism - Seriously. I agree. I never did learn the "Roman's road" steps, or formula, whatever it was.
So sad you can't see the Moores!
Have a wonderful vacation!

caramac said...

Evangelism....yes, this book was SO refreshing, especially b/c I was "trained" for so long to do the insincere. he talked about a "wailing wall of evangelism wrongs," or something like that, in which people have the opportunity to apologize/tack up on the wall, those wrong evangelism moments. It's so not-human...that's what gets me...yet christians think it's what they're "supposed" to do.
Willough-yes....I've read a few short stories, and am excited about empowerment. :) I too own the holiday - so we have mutual respect. I will STILL see the more free ticket has my name on it. yay:)

Bella said...

Poor MD, poor Cara - I hope you figure out a way to get rid of some of his energy, otherwise it might be a L-O-N-G 5 days.

I loved our long chat the other day - it was exactly what I needed - how did you know?

You'll love The Awakening, and it's so short, I think you'll have no problem finishing it.