living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


For Christmas, my dear friend Jenn gave me one of my "30 before 30's".....a my-first-pie-making experience! Up to the northwest she flew this weekend, and we set out last night to tackle a PUMPKIN PIE for me, and an APPLE pie for her. (((Yes, it's March, but pumpkin's my favorite, so why not?))). Again, here follows some fabulous pics of the whole pie-making experience last night. :)

As you'll see, Jenn is an excellent teacher, and well, what a quick learner I am! :) She made sure that we made the crust from scratch, and look hard at one of the two of us: I ran out of salt, and seeing as the corner gas station didn't sell a box of it, we had to empty all the little packets, one by one. That was awesome. :)

And finally, look at all the happy faces....happy, smiling people. Among the faves: Ryan, Katie's boyfriend, with his disgusted face. Whelp, you can't win them all....but you can get a "WOW" at the very end. :)