living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lamott's new bookie...

Anne Lamott is one of my favorite authors; I discovered her through friends in SC my first year living there...we all delved (?) into this Jesus-loving, liberally-mind, witty, funny, intelligent woman who had a way and a knack for words. So even though I don't always agree with her every thought, I'm a follower nonetheless. I'm committed to the institution of Annie L. From Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith, here are a few favorite lines:

"...suffer, breathe, pray, play, cry and try to help people. There was meaning in pain; it taught you how to survive with a modicum of grace when you did not get what you wanted."

"Sometimes grace is a ribbon of mountain air that gets in through the cracks."

"I sat on the couch and glanced slowly around in a goofy, menacing way, and then said, "is anyone here wearing a blue sweatshirt with Pokemon on it?" The four-year-old looked down at his chest, astonished to discover that he matched this description - like, What are the odds? He raised his hand. "Come over here to the couch," I said. "You are so loved, and so chosen." He clutched at himself like a beauty pageant finalist. Then I asked if anyone that day was wearing green socks with brown shoes, a Giants cap, an argyle vest? EAch of them turned out to be loved and chosen, which does not happen so often... My Jesuit friend Tom once told me that this is a good exercise because in truth, everyone is loved and chosen, even Dick Cheney, even Saddam Hussein. That God loves them, because God loves."

and just one more....

"Sometimes grace works like water wings when you feel you are sinking."


let's see...

Though he looks morbidly depressed, you have to admit that my dog matches the floor quite well.

To see Mr. Darcy and his new larger-than-life friend, ZEKE, click here.

As many of you (laughably) know, I'm now planning/spearheading/delegating like no other my 10 year high school reunion. Here, the prom queen who wasn't even planning on going is in charge...well, the good news is that SO many people have stepped up to help and to own things - it's been awesome. My immediate thought to that was, God forbid I ever get married and have to plan a wedding...who would I delegate all the responsibilities to? :)

And last this: I've continued to be in an interview process with the Bay Area Young Life region, and was down there for 24 hours yesterday and today in a final interview with one area. I think it's so interesting because in ministry, it's a job...but it's not JUST a job. It's the heart, and the personal and emotional parts of a person have to be included in the process. And I thought back to teaching interviews that I had; I always knew just the right thing to say when it came to classroom management or adhering to the state standards. And the administrators saw my enthusiasm, and thought, kids will learn from this lady! But here, there's more on the line...because it's not just the outside appearance of excitement or the intellectual answers that help produce results on NCLB, but it's ME. It's just me. And if an area rejects me for a job, it's hard to fight that they're rejecting parts of me as well.

It's just been very interesting...and I'm glad that the process of this process is, well, a process. Because if we rushed into things, I don't think they would know or understand the whole of me, and vice versa with these particular areas that I'm looking at spending the next 5, 10 years in.

That is all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

shoes....or gas?

Today I was driving along in my automobile to take Mr. Darcy to ---super fun happy dog!!!--- doggie daycare. Indeed, his once-a-week excursion towards socialization continues...though that's not the point of this story. While flipping through radio stations on my way to NPR, an annoying DJ came on with somewhat of a thought-provoking proposal:

"WOMEN: enter your name in the drawing today for EITHER a pair of your favorite designer shoes - like your favorite celebrity wears! - or the same amount of money in gas for your car, in today's high-priced, gas-guzzling economy."

My automatic reaction as I kept driving, driving, driving down the street was hecks yes, I'd take the money for gas in my car! It seems like a quarter of my salary goes towards driving alone, and in that way, I'll opt for driving the Young Life minivan around town for those YL errands instead of Raul, the really-cool Jetta. I'm all about sportin' the soccer mom.

But then I stopped.

And I thought to myself: Milano Blahniks.

I could be my very own Carrie Bradshaw.

And to have gas for your car - granted, it's the wise, smart, economical decision - but it's also temporary satisfaction until month 2 when the gas money runs out.

But the Milano Blahniks...EVERY time you put those puppies on your feet, you'd think, I won these! I have these forever! And, like Carrie Bradshaw who doesn't drive a car but just takes taxies everywhere...and who then runs up and down the streets of Manhattan in her designer shoes - that too could be me! Who needs Nikes when I can just rock the $500 heels and show off my calves (and break an ankle in the process).

So I did eventually make it to NPR. And I didn't end up calling in to be entered into the drawing...but it did provoke stimulating mind conversations with myself. :)

W W you D?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

the faces of some lovelies...

:: congrats sarah signe and cain on your recent's my friend and me posing as the angels we are.

:: congrats again to aaron and annie - i love you x 2.

:: this is my buddy, sarah peedle. she just signed up to go to camp on friday, officially speaking...i am SO amped she's going to wildhorse canyon this summer.

:: these are two rockstar leaders at mt. baker: elena and kourtnie. we all decided to sport our matching black fleeces [welcome to the northwest] for our last bonfire/BBQ club.

:: and yesterday we had our young life garage sale, baby! my favorite of the day was this banana seat bike for only $5...I went on some stellar rides up and down the street, but was sad to see it packed up before I had a chance to buy it. and ps: yes, I almost had the same bike in '84.

:: last pic: another 30 before 30 bites the dust: go on a tour of a brewery! God bless the RED HOOK Brewery in Woodinville, WA, where you can go on a tour of the microbrew factory for only a dollar! Pictured here are friends Lizzy, Pam and Justin.

from the streets of my phone...

:: these clumped-together posters are the epitomy of Portland to me....

:: this is my favorite kind of teriyaki: the seewt kind...

:: if only all confectionaries were as creatively genius as this one...

:: Washington Mutual: your new checking slogan is hilarious to my witty little heart.

:: And I wish I had the close up on this Beaver Bros. Coffee's dam good. he he.

Friday, May 11, 2007










this I know: he wants his best. I'm trying to learn and believe and really grab hold of that truth: if - if, if, if - God truly desires the best for our lives, then we've got nothing to worry about. But somehow along the way I got this skewed notion that maybe i deserved about 89% of his best...but a full 100%? as I look at the three "sans" of CA with young life for this fall :: san carlos, san mateo and santa cruz :: i'm led to believe that wherever HIS BEST for me is, there I'll be.

Really it's not that profound - but today it is.

peace. chm.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

the best wyldlife club EVER

Have you ever had middle school kids do a cha-cha-cha relay up and around the sombreros? Incredible.

Have you ever seen teams of 7th graders create a FRIJOLES CATAPULT using random items found in Cara's office to then catapult into the sombreros? Best out of 20 beans wins.... Amazing.

And some of you have seen the old eat a saltine, drink a sip of pop to "ROXANNE," (oh, youth group favorite), but have you ever seen it to the song, "MANGO TANGO"? Mango Tango was sung 49 times, from what our English-speaking ears could hear....'

And CHUBBY CHIHUAHUAS may be outlawed now, but not group one-chihuahua at a time game... (Chihuahua = jalapeno).

What a night...

i'm a good cook!

who is this cook who cooks such dinners with her buddy Nikole at DINNERS READY?! It's's me! (please, insert the SNL cheer right here). Dinners Ready did a camp fundraiser with Young Life a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic making the food, and then it's been nice and lovely eating it as well.... I highly suggest the place.

he's a whole new man

That's right, darcy has officially graduated from puppy obedience school. He can now sit, wait, stay, "come here" (well, kindof...), "right here" (well, sort of), and SHAKE his paw!! (my new favorite, of course). What a guy, what a guy.... And pictured as well is his new squeaky toy, which was his graduation gift from Riverdog Canine (I thought about getting him flowers, but he'd rather chew up long grass...).

a wendy picture story

This is my 7th grade friend, Wendy, from Mt. Baker; I give her a fork at lunch, and she calls me her BFF (that's BEST FRIEND FOREVER, if you're not hip with the lingo). So a couple of weeks ago we finally put a date on the calendar...I pick her up afterschool: "hey Wendy, where do you want to go? Dairy Queen? Starbucks?" "Well, hmm...I've never been to Red Robin(s) or Red Lobster or ....[and the list goes on}." "REALLY?" (Now the $4 kid date is getting a bit more expensive. So one bacon double cheeseburger, a maui zowie milkshake, diet coke (that's me) and great conversation later, we secured our BFF spot officially.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

10 things - a copycat of gobo

I just liked reading this on Eric - aka: GOBO'S - site, so here are 10 things you may not know about me (all right - but also random musings that I'm just going to count as the 10)....

1. I'm on year two of keeping a planner for the first time in my's not my natural inclination but it's a must with my job. My auntie affirms that it's in my genes to just fly by the seat of my pants.

2. I could eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life.

3. Today I called my PT/massage therapist, Tim, "sporty spice," and he just about went ninja on my upper back.

4. I wear ear plugs every night - god bless mr. darcy and apartment living.

5. I - no shame - pick pop cans out of the garbage b/c they can be recycled, plain and simple.

6. I'm currently watching the original BBC version of Pride and Prejudice for the first time ever...I only bring that up b/c, well, Mr. Darcy: yes, I read the book...yes, I saw the new Kiera Knightly version.

7. The other day I thought about taking up smoking while filling up at the gas station b/c the cost of a gallon of gas in WA is almost as high as a pack of cigarettes; so I thought to myself, self, smoking could be your vice instead of killing the environment with raul the jetta's exhaust. I guess I'll just keep picking those pop cans out of the garbage as my eco-savvy effort.

8. I can't have caffeine after 2 pm.

9. I've only been president once: my friend Kurt Kroon named me president of the Wet Rainbow club the summer of 2001 when I peed and/or partially peed my pants 3x. yes. it's true. Nothing like too much personal information to make you click on the next blog. :)

10. Pressure's on....I recently decided to "simplify" and make money at the same time, so I put 43 books on Amazon...well, lo and behold, the equation doesn't exactly work out in my favor when I only get a $2.28 credit and simultaneously spend $6.02 to mail a book. Ergh. I need a new marketing strategy.