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living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

let's see...

Though he looks morbidly depressed, you have to admit that my dog matches the floor quite well.

To see Mr. Darcy and his new larger-than-life friend, ZEKE, click here.

As many of you (laughably) know, I'm now planning/spearheading/delegating like no other my 10 year high school reunion. Here, the prom queen who wasn't even planning on going is in charge...well, the good news is that SO many people have stepped up to help and to own things - it's been awesome. My immediate thought to that was, God forbid I ever get married and have to plan a wedding...who would I delegate all the responsibilities to? :)

And last this: I've continued to be in an interview process with the Bay Area Young Life region, and was down there for 24 hours yesterday and today in a final interview with one area. I think it's so interesting because in ministry, it's a job...but it's not JUST a job. It's the heart, and the personal and emotional parts of a person have to be included in the process. And I thought back to teaching interviews that I had; I always knew just the right thing to say when it came to classroom management or adhering to the state standards. And the administrators saw my enthusiasm, and thought, kids will learn from this lady! But here, there's more on the line...because it's not just the outside appearance of excitement or the intellectual answers that help produce results on NCLB, but it's ME. It's just me. And if an area rejects me for a job, it's hard to fight that they're rejecting parts of me as well.

It's just been very interesting...and I'm glad that the process of this process is, well, a process. Because if we rushed into things, I don't think they would know or understand the whole of me, and vice versa with these particular areas that I'm looking at spending the next 5, 10 years in.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what is written about SM on your next entry!! God is sooo good to those who are diligent and faithful and prayerful. Much love...M & D