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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

shoes....or gas?

Today I was driving along in my automobile to take Mr. Darcy to ---super fun happy dog!!!--- doggie daycare. Indeed, his once-a-week excursion towards socialization continues...though that's not the point of this story. While flipping through radio stations on my way to NPR, an annoying DJ came on with somewhat of a thought-provoking proposal:

"WOMEN: enter your name in the drawing today for EITHER a pair of your favorite designer shoes - like your favorite celebrity wears! - or the same amount of money in gas for your car, in today's high-priced, gas-guzzling economy."

My automatic reaction as I kept driving, driving, driving down the street was hecks yes, I'd take the money for gas in my car! It seems like a quarter of my salary goes towards driving alone, and in that way, I'll opt for driving the Young Life minivan around town for those YL errands instead of Raul, the really-cool Jetta. I'm all about sportin' the soccer mom.

But then I stopped.

And I thought to myself: Milano Blahniks.

I could be my very own Carrie Bradshaw.

And to have gas for your car - granted, it's the wise, smart, economical decision - but it's also temporary satisfaction until month 2 when the gas money runs out.

But the Milano Blahniks...EVERY time you put those puppies on your feet, you'd think, I won these! I have these forever! And, like Carrie Bradshaw who doesn't drive a car but just takes taxies everywhere...and who then runs up and down the streets of Manhattan in her designer shoes - that too could be me! Who needs Nikes when I can just rock the $500 heels and show off my calves (and break an ankle in the process).

So I did eventually make it to NPR. And I didn't end up calling in to be entered into the drawing...but it did provoke stimulating mind conversations with myself. :)

W W you D?


john and christina said...

I'd definitely take the shoes! You can never have too many pairs of great shoes. Can out of staters enter the contest too?

Smarshie said... about spending half on gas and half on shoes??

Anonymous said...

Definitely the shoes....I can see you now...dancing down 5th Ave with your entourage.... enjoying the moment! You go, Girl! Muddah

mike said...

for reals? take the gas money. but then, i am a dude and i have had the same pair of NB shoes for like 6 years, and the same work boots for about 3 and my flip flops are about 8 years old. so what do i know.

mike said...

now if it were a question of a sandwich or gas money, then that is a whole other thing.

Bella said...

The shoes of course! Like you said, the gas is only temporary, but the shoes will least until the go out of style. :)