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living.  loving.  laughing.

Friday, May 11, 2007










this I know: he wants his best. I'm trying to learn and believe and really grab hold of that truth: if - if, if, if - God truly desires the best for our lives, then we've got nothing to worry about. But somehow along the way I got this skewed notion that maybe i deserved about 89% of his best...but a full 100%? as I look at the three "sans" of CA with young life for this fall :: san carlos, san mateo and santa cruz :: i'm led to believe that wherever HIS BEST for me is, there I'll be.

Really it's not that profound - but today it is.

peace. chm.


james said...

God told me and Gobo that he wants you in San Bostonio. And you shouldn't disobey God.

Thegoodz said...

I don't know who this Gobo guy is, but I think he's wrong..
SANta Cruz is where you belong.
-P.S that all rhymed

Meagan said...

God told ME you should come to Mountain Lodge! You were there last summer?? You must have been amazing!!! Shoot, I should have gone THEN! Well, I'll for sure say hi to everyone. You sure you don't want to bring up a load of campers for a week? I love your description of it--what a heart place, for sure. I'm pretty dang stoked to go.

Meagan said...

P.S. You're in the Young Life Relationships magazine this month! I read your article! I saw your picture! You rock! :-)

cade said...

to set the record straight, this "Gobo guy" is never wrong. especially when it comes to the divine migration of those around him.

san bostonio rules.

caramac said...

love it.....who knew the "sans" were all so cool. though I can't WAIT (and need) to visit san bostonio, it looks like san MATEO is where I'm heading....but it still could be anybody's game.
SG, the good news is that I'm back in the bay area.
Zig, I'll miss seeing you this weekend at Chop's wedding - am trying to mind the money.
Gobo- I like your name, even though scotty doesn't give you validation.
meagan- long live the legacy of the lodge. now that's a lot of alliteration.
loves cara:)

Anonymous said...

We are totally there with you, Princess....whereever it is that God leads you. I need to look up 'San Bostonio' on google ....right! Muddah 'n Fodder