living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

fall-y shoes

today as I was walking into TARGET, three kids streamlined past me on their roll-y shoes; each of them, then, in succession, said a chipper "hi!" and rolled on by through the entrance doors. it was then that I thought to myself, "self, if you donned the roll-y shoes, they would no longer be roll-y shoes, but fall-y shoes."

And that is my deep thought of the day.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

scaredy dog

The top five things Mr. Darcy's scared of, and yes, in this order:

1. Men
2. Women (but he'll let them pet him more quickly)
3. Lint rollers and vacuum cleaners (I put them together for cleaning purposes...)
4. Lawn statues that look like dogs happily licking the air. yes.
5. Basketballs

What a dog, what a dog.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Congrats Christie "christerson" and Guy Valenzona for the best backyard wedding 2.0 I've ever attended!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Have you ever...

...flown to california for the weekend, parking your car in the airport, since it's a short 48 hour flight?
...walked to your car, parked in area "3d"...
...scoured the 3d aisle up and down, looking and looking for Raul the Jetta, unable to find him...
...looked behind 3d, thinking, "well, maybe "3d" is bigger than just this aisle" only to discover that no, that's 3c, and that one on the other side is 3e...
...looked in your secret place of writing down information, seen "3d" written down, only to dejectly determine that indeed - YOUR CAR HAS BEEN STOLEN!

...started imagining the following:

...the insurance company's going to drop you - an accident and a stolen car in one year - now that's liability! your roommate's sicker than a dog - she can't come and pick you up! You're going to have to take a taxi or the bus home to Auburn...oh, the finances! maybe this is a sign, an omen that you're not supposed to move back to California... this means you're going to have to drive the Young Life minivan for the rest of your summer! the horror of mom-my-ride! how am you going to get to class tomorrow? You're going to flunk out, man!

...walked up to the traffic man directing the taxis, lips quivering, declaring that your car is not where you left it. He asks you for your license plate number - how can you remember something like that at a time like this?

"Well ma'am, do you think you parked it somewhere else?" No! (and shown the guy with incredible traffic-guiding hand motions your piece of paper).

"Well, ma'am, I highly doubt someone would steal your vehicle, because they'd have to pay the exit fee." Oh, the practicality of men! They've probably scrapped Raul by now!

He looks at you and sees that he's wrong - wrong, wrong, wrong. "Ma'am, I want you to walk across the street to that yellow booth," he says, his motioning arms giddily pointing you in the direction of HELP, "and if no one's in there, I want you to dial 5-5."

You walk across the long pathway...violated...does your insurance cover stolen vehicles, you wonder? No one's in the booth: you dial 5=5. The lovely voice of the Port of Seattle police picks up.

"yes, I'd like to report a possible stolen vehicle," you say. The kind lady asks you your license plate number. WHY DOES EVERYONE NEED TO KNOW YOUR LICENSE PLATE NUMBER, you wonder (and you mentally make a note to yourself to add that to your 30 before 30 list). By this point you remember the first three think.

And it's a blue Jetta, California plates, named Raul, you add.

You're put on hold, for what seems like an eternity. You clutch your suitcase, because you don't want that stolen out from under your very own eyes! You decide that you should just call your insurance company now - maybe they can remind you of your plate number and give you information on rental cars until the stolen vehicle is recovered....

"Ma'am, are you there?" the kind lady asks. Yes, yes you are, dying a slow death.

"Ma'am, I think you might want to try 3p. If your vehicle isn't there, call me back." Thank you.

And there he was. Momentary dyslexia? 3d...3p... Indeed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a little tag / a little lag

This is called procrastinating on my homework for class (((I'm taking a fascinating class on World Religions through Fuller Northwest...tomorrow and Friday are Buddhism days. Yesterday and today highlighted's so interesting))). Anyways, thank you Kylene for playing tag with moi. :)

First though, the rules:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I try to be so hip with the text messaging lingo, but for the life of me, I can't convert to using "u" for "you," "2" for "to," etc., etc. Just say no!

2. I'm trying to teach Mr. Darcy how to say, "I LOVE YOU," although it's more like "I ruv youuuuuuuuuuuu." What? i saw it on the Internet once. :)

3. I have to use paper towels when opening public restroom bathroom doors; I once had this lengthy conversation with Renee Nell from Santa Cruz about it, and she made me slightly germophobic ever since.

4. I cheer whenever I get more than one pin knocked down in bowling.

5. Speaking of, I LOATHE bowling. ick. but I always end up having to go and pretend like I like it.

6. When I was little I used to take all of the books off the bookshelves, spread them around the living room and create a library/classroom. I was like a professional librarian at age 10.

7. Also when I was little I used to go to the side of the house, grab twigs, pretend like I was smoking them, and tell people my name was Toni. Awesome.

8. This one's for Kylene: so you never walked UP the pool trail...once Dewey and I ('98) decided to ride horses up the pool trail. My knee knocked into a tree when the horse started to stumble off the path. It wasn't my brightest moment in America.

Ahhhh. good times. now for the tagging (of which, let's be honest: I'm not going to comment their blog to do this....)


Saturday, July 14, 2007

I heart _______ from Malibu

Though it's definitely a few weeks late, here are some pics of those I got to hang out and love on/be loved by while on assignment up at Malibu...

This is ERIN - she was one of my roomies in Nootka 1 1/2, this pint-sized room in which we crammed three lovely ladies. Erin was GIRL PROGRAM (as she affectionately likes to be known as...), and is on student staff with Young Life in the great, grand state of Montana.

Here we have Jonah and Ruthie Werner, and then Adam Kruse. Amongst fun and fabulous conversations, Ruthie and Adam in LIFE SIGNS, mad speed scrabble skills by all three of them, I just like them all. PS: check out the beauty - nature! - that abounds.

And here's a picture of the roommates, tres: Erin, Becky Dean (beauty queen!) and me. That night was "look pretty night," so we tried to do that, and then showed off our stellar supermodel skills.

And finally, the superstars of the hour: TEAM LUTTON. This is Rich and Deb, our camp manager I and his handy assistant/camp manager II/wifey. I really like them, and here we are trying to catch a glimpse of all three of us at our finest. :)

Yes. What a month. Perhaps next month I'll post pics from Breakaway, the camp we got back from almost 2 weeks ago....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

summer is straight from jesus

Friday: more one on ones with Breakaway girls. walking on Redondo Beach. Eating dinner with the Dow-isms and the mascots of major colleges. I'm serious. I met Monty from U of Montana.

Saturday: kayaking with the Millers. Hanging out with Lizzy, Bruce and Mr. Darcy at Green Lake. Drinking a Corona on the lake. Shhhh.

Sunday: Leading worship at Grace's church. Hiking with MD at Green River. Taking kids to a high school church that night, and them LOVING it. Getting over thinking what a horrible thought it'd be for someone to think I too was in high school. Might I say ... compliment?

Monday: a Jenna one-on-one. (Jenna was an EPIC part of my time at Breakaway --- I love that she WANTS to WANT it...but she doesn't WANT it yet. I respect that). Celebrating dear friend Lizzy's birthday!

Tuesday: Jordan, a co-worker of mine, had a birthday. Sue Jones, a fabulous area director in the Kent area. Nikole, another lovely YL kid. Cindy, a fantastic Auburn friend --- with some fish and chips on Redondo.

Wednesday: that's today. Celebrating another friend's birthday - happy birthday, Amalea! Make-up. Pools. And then Illuminate practice. And then a boat ride on Lake Washington.

The GREAT thing is that I've worked in the midst of this...the fabulous thing is that sometimes just being with people and getting to love them is my job. And then there's also this thing that happens when it's light until 9, 10 o'clock at night - I savor it up! I love it. Love love love it. Always and forever, Napoleon. Always and forever.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

where does one start?

I'm back from camp. .... I truly had the most amazing week I've ever had with kids at Breakaway, a small YL camp on the Oregon coast. It was just a real and RAW week. And I think I'm just beginning to process it, but just got done having THREE one on ones with girls ... Starbucks thinks I'm officially addicted (as do you, I'm sure). :)

ps: If a kid ever complains about a stomachache, is crouched over in intense pain, and doesn't seem to move from that "8 out of 10" pain scale, she MIGHT just have acute appendicitus, and not just the flu... Lesson learned.

Mr. Darcy and I are happy to be reunited...above is the pic after I'd just picked him up for the first time. One of my favorite MD moments is when we're driving in the car, and he sits in the front seat, lays down, and rests his head on my arm while I'm driving stick shift. Granted, my arm starts to fall asleep, and I can only drive one-handed, but it's SO worth it!

The sun is shining in WA....

Yesterday was the 4th of July, and I thought about the following: my old roommate Lola, who used to dress up as the American flag - it was always her favorite holiday. "Fruitworks" and "American Woman" (via Lenny Kravitz) at Woodleaf then Frontier Ranch. Sparklers. Bottle rockets. Watermelon. BBQs. Croquet. Bocce Ball. And yesterday I hung out at casa de la MILLERHOOD. Man, I like those peeps and will surely miss them.

That's the continued catch up for now.... peace out.