living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I heart _______ from Malibu

Though it's definitely a few weeks late, here are some pics of those I got to hang out and love on/be loved by while on assignment up at Malibu...

This is ERIN - she was one of my roomies in Nootka 1 1/2, this pint-sized room in which we crammed three lovely ladies. Erin was GIRL PROGRAM (as she affectionately likes to be known as...), and is on student staff with Young Life in the great, grand state of Montana.

Here we have Jonah and Ruthie Werner, and then Adam Kruse. Amongst fun and fabulous conversations, Ruthie and Adam in LIFE SIGNS, mad speed scrabble skills by all three of them, I just like them all. PS: check out the beauty - nature! - that abounds.

And here's a picture of the roommates, tres: Erin, Becky Dean (beauty queen!) and me. That night was "look pretty night," so we tried to do that, and then showed off our stellar supermodel skills.

And finally, the superstars of the hour: TEAM LUTTON. This is Rich and Deb, our camp manager I and his handy assistant/camp manager II/wifey. I really like them, and here we are trying to catch a glimpse of all three of us at our finest. :)

Yes. What a month. Perhaps next month I'll post pics from Breakaway, the camp we got back from almost 2 weeks ago....