living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

where does one start?

I'm back from camp. .... I truly had the most amazing week I've ever had with kids at Breakaway, a small YL camp on the Oregon coast. It was just a real and RAW week. And I think I'm just beginning to process it, but just got done having THREE one on ones with girls ... Starbucks thinks I'm officially addicted (as do you, I'm sure). :)

ps: If a kid ever complains about a stomachache, is crouched over in intense pain, and doesn't seem to move from that "8 out of 10" pain scale, she MIGHT just have acute appendicitus, and not just the flu... Lesson learned.

Mr. Darcy and I are happy to be reunited...above is the pic after I'd just picked him up for the first time. One of my favorite MD moments is when we're driving in the car, and he sits in the front seat, lays down, and rests his head on my arm while I'm driving stick shift. Granted, my arm starts to fall asleep, and I can only drive one-handed, but it's SO worth it!

The sun is shining in WA....

Yesterday was the 4th of July, and I thought about the following: my old roommate Lola, who used to dress up as the American flag - it was always her favorite holiday. "Fruitworks" and "American Woman" (via Lenny Kravitz) at Woodleaf then Frontier Ranch. Sparklers. Bottle rockets. Watermelon. BBQs. Croquet. Bocce Ball. And yesterday I hung out at casa de la MILLERHOOD. Man, I like those peeps and will surely miss them.

That's the continued catch up for now.... peace out.


Anonymous said...

M.D. + Cara = Friends Forever! ;-) I think you should post a picture of M.D. galloping in the water. Fun times, AHA