living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

safe and sound but for....

Yesterday my friend Lizzy, Fitzwilliam (that's Mr. Darcy's first name, FYI...ha ha ha) and I made the trek from Keizer, OR 97303 to San Mateo, CA. It was a lovely heart felt such peace and giddiness and warmth every inch we moved towards the 94010 zip code. If you recall a post from almost two years ago, upon moving UP to Washington, I feared I caused an accident on the 680 when I lost the front wheel to my beach cruiser. Wellllll, read on for the "but" of this post:

(from an email to my friend Mrs. to-be Lund):

yes....the drive down to CA today was awesome. Lizzy came with me,
and the ipod played loudly and fun-ly and well. :) I did lose a bike
- it was HILARIOUS!!! indeed, my mtn. bike is now ka=put on the side
of the 505 freeway in CA. We were laughing for hours, literally. We
had just re-secured the bike rack 30 seconds before, and all of the
sudden I look in my rearview mirror, and I'm like, OH SHIT! as I see
the bike FLYING off of the bike rack, bouncing onto the ground. So we
then pulled over to the side....reversed.....lizzy got out and started
running towards it...I reversed some more....and then we sat there
staring at the bike, assessing the damage, and decided to leave it
there. :) So hopefully the CHP doesn't track me down.

Apparently we're to check out the Dane Cook video about viewing accidents...everyone wants to be a part of the scene, including us, who couldn't help but go to check out the bike. (((And yes, I did have hopes that it'd be fine, but it was a bit mangled))).

Thanks to all who've welcomed me with kind words and free burritos and chocolate chip pancakes and much, much more.

blessings, chm.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


*said good-byes to WA folks...check.

*had an endearing good-bye party from auburn YL and then the millerhood...check.

*had a "pack the pod" party which was epic as well; friends gathered, we packed the pod, then headed to Green River CC where we ate dinner, lizzy led worship, i got to pray with my YL girls, and adam held down the fort as the lone male ranger. oops...check.

*went to camp for five days :: wildhorse canyon. beauty. I feel like i'm finally learning how to be with 13 year olds two years into the job...and to see them CURIOUS about life and jesus - so rad! to live fully alive - I think that's the goal...check.

*got back at 11:30 from camp the night of the 16th and left for ITALY at 5:30 the next morning. yes. it was epic and restful and reading-ful and sister-ful and her boyfriend-ful and good food and vino-ful and thinking and processing-ful the first five days in la maddalena and palau. And then we went to ROMA for two days and stayed in a cute, cultured hotel and talked to locals and heard CIAO BELLA many a times...and rode our bicycles with the little baskets and a bell to ring and almost got run over by busses, but we didn't care. And we saw the Coliseum and the Pantheon and Vatican City and the pope - okay, so no pope, but I did forget to wear shorts that were past my knees so I got sent to the JEZEBEL side of the inspection unit...debating whether or not to make a run for it, I sagged my shorts as far as they'd go and sucked in my chest and pulled down my shirt and soon my crotch was to my knees. So no running was happening, only a deep sagging of the shorts --- and to think, it's all to honor and revere God. Oops. so...check.

*and I finished my World Religions paper on the plane ride home :: "Emptiness: a Comparative Study Between Buddhism and Christianity." It's looking at the concept of SUNYATA within the Buddhist practice and KENOSIS in Philippians 2:7. Muy interesante, at least I think so. :) ...check.

*and I read some great books while traveling: REDEEMING LOVE, THE AWAKENING, ME AND MR DARCY (yes...hee hee...Gobo, I'm sure it's as bad as the jane austen movie...), and then GLITTERING IMAGES. ...check.

*and now it's Tuesday, and I've cleaned the apartment and said more good-byes and had a hard meeting and now i'm in Oregon...and it's time for R and R and Mr. Darcy reunion and then Lizzy, MD and i hit the road to CA in the morning. ...check.

I don't know if I'm ready ready ready, ready to run....or if i'm in need of another vacation, but I just know that i'm on this journey and am feeling blessed. amen. pics later. xoxo.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

these are some girls i heart:)

I've discovered my favorite spot in Auburn :: this bench at Green River CC that overlooks the valley and Mt. Rainier in the background. Pictured here at sunset are three YL girls: Erin, Tessa and them!

And here they are showing off their sweet acrobat skills on the bars in the middle of the woods...note: I'm not up there with them, for obvious reasons. :)

Finally, here's a pic of my friend, Alyssa :: sweetheart! She shared her story last Friday at a donor BBQ and pretty much rocked the house.

Monday, August 06, 2007

looking forward....

my friend Bennett says you should always have something to look forward to, so in looking forward to August 17th, here it is:

Written by Aleah, my sister: "I was thinking also the Vatican / sisteen (spelling.. brain fart) chapel and coliseum in rome is absolutely amazing to see… I’ve been there once but it will never cease to amaze somebody.. its gorgeous stuff. We could head out and hang in rome for a few days, eat, drink, see the sites and be merry, and you could fly directly out of there and I can just fly home that day. It would be a couple less flights and its absolutely worth it. I’m not a ‘see the sites’ type either… but this stuff is worth seeing.

Otherwise, we’ll hang around here, and in between me moving out I’ll show you this place.. there’s not a whole ton to see, but its relaxing. Beaches and food and cappuccino and small Italian city shopping and people. One day, not that you want to be on a ship, but I want to show you the big tin piece of crap I work on… for like a half an hour. You can see my desk and whatnot. Yayyyyy…

Oh, also I want to grab some buddies and take you on a spaghetti boat one day… they cram a whole bunch of people on a boat, you bring all your own drinks of whatever sort. They drive you around to 3 or 4 islands (the clear blue water I sent pics of) and stop and you go swimming or lay on the beach or jump off the boat into the water. And they feed you pasta with seafood usually that they cook on there. Its fun."

Yes. I'm going to Italy in 11 days. wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. And before that we take kids to Wildhorse Canyon down in Oregon - I'm stoked to finish there with these precious Auburn kids...

After that I'm excited to move to San Mateo, CA...

After that I'm excited about this. Scroll down to where it says, "Endless Summer" and click on me. :)

What are YOU looking forward to?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

plugs and props (not in the hair, not in the air)

#1 prop: congrats DANNY AND RACHEL on your engagement!!! (yes, it was back in MAY...)

#2 prop: congrats PAMMY AND JUSTIN on your engagement! (Pam is pictured on the left here...)

#3, the plug: for the coolest traveling hair stylist ever, click here.