living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


*said good-byes to WA folks...check.

*had an endearing good-bye party from auburn YL and then the millerhood...check.

*had a "pack the pod" party which was epic as well; friends gathered, we packed the pod, then headed to Green River CC where we ate dinner, lizzy led worship, i got to pray with my YL girls, and adam held down the fort as the lone male ranger. oops...check.

*went to camp for five days :: wildhorse canyon. beauty. I feel like i'm finally learning how to be with 13 year olds two years into the job...and to see them CURIOUS about life and jesus - so rad! to live fully alive - I think that's the goal...check.

*got back at 11:30 from camp the night of the 16th and left for ITALY at 5:30 the next morning. yes. it was epic and restful and reading-ful and sister-ful and her boyfriend-ful and good food and vino-ful and thinking and processing-ful the first five days in la maddalena and palau. And then we went to ROMA for two days and stayed in a cute, cultured hotel and talked to locals and heard CIAO BELLA many a times...and rode our bicycles with the little baskets and a bell to ring and almost got run over by busses, but we didn't care. And we saw the Coliseum and the Pantheon and Vatican City and the pope - okay, so no pope, but I did forget to wear shorts that were past my knees so I got sent to the JEZEBEL side of the inspection unit...debating whether or not to make a run for it, I sagged my shorts as far as they'd go and sucked in my chest and pulled down my shirt and soon my crotch was to my knees. So no running was happening, only a deep sagging of the shorts --- and to think, it's all to honor and revere God. Oops. so...check.

*and I finished my World Religions paper on the plane ride home :: "Emptiness: a Comparative Study Between Buddhism and Christianity." It's looking at the concept of SUNYATA within the Buddhist practice and KENOSIS in Philippians 2:7. Muy interesante, at least I think so. :) ...check.

*and I read some great books while traveling: REDEEMING LOVE, THE AWAKENING, ME AND MR DARCY (yes...hee hee...Gobo, I'm sure it's as bad as the jane austen movie...), and then GLITTERING IMAGES. ...check.

*and now it's Tuesday, and I've cleaned the apartment and said more good-byes and had a hard meeting and now i'm in Oregon...and it's time for R and R and Mr. Darcy reunion and then Lizzy, MD and i hit the road to CA in the morning. ...check.

I don't know if I'm ready ready ready, ready to run....or if i'm in need of another vacation, but I just know that i'm on this journey and am feeling blessed. amen. pics later. xoxo.


E&K said...

I was worn out after reading that! I can't wait to hear all about Cali once you get there...excited for you and the next part of your journey!

Smarshie said...

I'm so glad you had fun in Italy! My younger sister couldn't get into the Vatican because she was wearing a tank top, so we pulled her aside and put a map around her shoulders and kept it in place with her backpack straps. And they let her in! Oh, the creativity.

I'm so excited you will be in CA soon! XOXO

Melissa said...

You became an aunt on the 15th.... check ;-)

Anonymous said...

....and you spent an evening with the K-town parents!! Sooooo good to be with you. Cuddles to Mr. D...Genny misses him terribly!