living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I carried a watermelon

I'm itching to be around kids...and I think if I go too much longer without them down here in CA, then I'll soon a) go crazy, and b) lose all knowledge of how to talk/communicate with the under-18 population. Take for instance, a conversation that happened today while walking home from the grocery store with Mr. Darcy:

(Cara approaches three middle school friends from the back, whom she does not know, and notices that one of them is wearing FUGGS, ie: fake uggs).

She begins to pass them and says, "Man, your legs must be pretty hot. I mean, not that they're hot, but ... [awkward silence: I'm not Chester the Molester, I swear, little friend!] don't your feet get pretty warm in your Uggs?"

"Yeah, but they're not that bad."

"Oh. You must not have sweaty feet then."

WHAT THE HECK? It's like I just inserted the "I carried a watermelon" line from Dirty Dancing* into my dialogue with a 13 year old. "You must not have sweaty feet?" Do I have overly sweaty feet? Where did that come from?

It reminds me of the time when Laura and I traveled Europe: we were in London for the first five days or so, and got to see STOMP on the West End. There was this actor/dancer/stomper on stage who looked EXACTLY like my best friend Amanda's then-fiance at that time. So I ended up starring at him almost the entire production, thinking wow! what an uncanny resemblance!

Fast forward to an hour or two after the show: we're back in Nottinghill and in need of some late night hummus at the Greek deli. So we walk inside, and there, between the pita bread and the white and blue display case is the very same Jess-look-a-like from the show!

I whisper my findings to Laura, and eventually we find the nerve to ask him if -indeed- that was him. It was him. We became so starstruck that the best - and only! - question our thumping hearts could muster up the nerve to ask was, " you work out a lot? I mean, because, it seems like you have to be really active and stuff with Stomp and all."

Yup. I carried a watermelon.

*Baby finally gets to meet Patrick Swayze, and all she can say in response to his hello is, "I carried a watermelon..." She laments the line for the next ten minutes of the movie.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

the 6.

1. on this day 50 years ago, black and white students were integrated together in Little Rock, AR...for a great, first-hand account read on this, check out WARRIORS DON'T CRY.

2. congrats Shawn and Anna on the birth of ELIJAH RAYMOND!

3. endless summer is coming up this weekend...I'm stoked to speak on Matthew 22:37-39...LOVING GOD, LOVING OTHERS. and I'm excited to plug Matisyahu's "king without a crown." i love that hasidic friend.

4. the other day Mr. Darcy and I were sitting at Caltrain in San Mateo, waiting for josh and brenda (((the millerhood!))) to roll in; this lady/girl/woman/person sitting next to me struck up a conversation which eventually prompted a sales pitch with the line, "you're low income, right?" hmmm. I mean, i guess I am now...or am i? I just laughed and let her talk.

5. watched LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL the other night - wow. I know, I'd never seen it before, but it was just lovely...yes, in the midst of the horrid,

6. and speaking of the millerhood, I scored FIVE points with Josh when I busted out the e-brake/starting a stick shift on a hill trick friday in SF. well josh, I do what I can.

mr darcy is driving me crazy - must go. chm.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

audience poll...

So. Netflix has my heart: Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck) and The Last Kiss (Zach Braff and crew) were consumed this past week...and without getting into an editorial review because I LOVED both movies, ever since seeing the Princess' haircut in this take-me-back-to-Rome (!) movie, I've been toying with a haircut. A big hair cut. An Audrey Hepburn-esque haircut. So, audience....should I, or should I not? Look at the pics and then try to imagine my face in the midst of it...

Or do we keep it long? For the love of grown-out hair...

new friend, old friend :: DJ jazzy darcie

meet Darcie Gripp. We were roommates once upon a time, long long ago in the "hot house," aka: the big white house on conference center grounds at Mission Springs. One of the biggest blessings of being back down here is that Darcie's I'm making her be MFF (my first friend), whether she likes it or not. :) And it's really cool to see what happens when we're not so much 22 anymore and trying to live together in this crazy new world called "ADULT-HOOD..."

Here follows us dressing up for Bianca's birthday party last weekend - the theme encouraged us to come dressed as our favorite country....but seeing as we didn't want to think THAT hard about it, we just came as the good ol' red, white and blue. God bless America. :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

will the odes never end?

to the (elder) pattersons, by popular demand:

dear Chet and Chris,

You're really, really nice.
And you have some fabulous kids, times 4 now.
You like to make quilts, and you celebrate birthdays on little mini trains.
I like your weiner dogs - posthumous and alive,
But most of all I like you TWO.
You make people feel like a million bucks,
And shouldn't everyone be like that?

Love cara:)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

ode to bikey and to lizard

Dear bikey,
How I loved thee.
Perhaps someday I will replace the love,
the life,
the wealth
and the really great views that you gave me.
An ode to you, my bikey.
Love Cara

And now, an ode to Lizard:
Dear Lizard,
You are not dead
-like my bike-
but you are alive and well and free and fabulous.
And you like to go on winery tours, which I think is great.
An ode to you.
Love cara:)

Monday, September 03, 2007

auntie cara

congrats BRANDON AND MELISSA on the birth of JARED CHRISTOPHER*, 8/15/07.

*Jared Christopher Miller was my brother's best friend growing up who died tragically in an accident a few years ago. Brandon swore that he'd name his first son after him, and here he is. :)

and some italia pics...

The day after camp I journeyed from Seattle to Newark (((where I saw re and tom!!!))) to Rome to Olbia, Sardinia; here's a pic in the Rome airport...I drank a true-to-life italian cappuccino and read "Me and Mr. Darcy". Oh life. :)

Here's Aleah (my sister) and Matt, her boyfriend, showing off their stellar "this is how we drink cappuccino con baileys" skills.

The town of La Madd (La Maddalena), where Aleah lives, and where she's stationed at, is a quaint little coastal/boat town. I could have stared for hours at the boats in port...water = so alive.

We walked down to the edge of a dock one day and just sat...and chatted...and sat...and chatted.

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...

This is the view from Aleah's apartment in Palau.

This is the national flower in italy, which adorned the side of many a sidewalks and streets; there was a vacation home for the President on La Madd, and these flowers permeated the grounds.

We heart mini coopers! If I didn't have a dog and YL kids to transport around, surely I'd start driving a mini. and I'd drive really fast. and i'd make out with mark wahlberg.

Ahhh. water. relax me.

Would you like some American pizza? yes, this one had hotdog toppings, but the more popular American pizza was topped with french fries.

The po po thought I was about to steal steal their car car here. (((Carabinieri :: policia))).

Take a look at the dancing queen statues atop this Parliament building...

I would have gone to Rome for this alone: this is the "dark night of the soul" statue, "a prieta", of Mary cradling the crucified Christ. I wrote part of a past paper on this very topic...

As it turns out many of the "deep and insightful and artsy" pictures are either a) on Aleah's camera, or b) upright on my camera, and I haven't taken the time to flip them yet. So this is the taste of Italy you're going to get from my right now...

WHC love

here follows just a couple of pics from Wildhorse Canyon; this trip with kids ended my time in Auburn, and it was a very bittersweet end to the past two years. As repeating experiences sometimes suggests, I take fewer pictures as the years go on....but it doesn't mean that it was any less fun. :)

here's Carly and Miranda, two superstar 8th graders from MBMS whom I got to know even more in these five days. They are genuinely authentic 14 year old souls.

Here's a pic of HOLIDAY NIGHT - the entire camp dressed up in their favorite holiday attire. Due to an excellent Goodwill shopping experience, I donned some red heels, a RWB trucker hat and a sweet shirt my mom would have worn in the 80's. I think my girls were really excited to hang out with me that night. :)

Finally, here's Jordan, another 8th grader from Mt. Baker, as we're donning our matching cute hats.