living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

the 6.

1. on this day 50 years ago, black and white students were integrated together in Little Rock, AR...for a great, first-hand account read on this, check out WARRIORS DON'T CRY.

2. congrats Shawn and Anna on the birth of ELIJAH RAYMOND!

3. endless summer is coming up this weekend...I'm stoked to speak on Matthew 22:37-39...LOVING GOD, LOVING OTHERS. and I'm excited to plug Matisyahu's "king without a crown." i love that hasidic friend.

4. the other day Mr. Darcy and I were sitting at Caltrain in San Mateo, waiting for josh and brenda (((the millerhood!))) to roll in; this lady/girl/woman/person sitting next to me struck up a conversation which eventually prompted a sales pitch with the line, "you're low income, right?" hmmm. I mean, i guess I am now...or am i? I just laughed and let her talk.

5. watched LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL the other night - wow. I know, I'd never seen it before, but it was just lovely...yes, in the midst of the horrid,

6. and speaking of the millerhood, I scored FIVE points with Josh when I busted out the e-brake/starting a stick shift on a hill trick friday in SF. well josh, I do what I can.

mr darcy is driving me crazy - must go. chm.


Gibbytron said...

yoo hoo!

Amy said...

hey friend! we're gonna be in SJ this weekend visiting J&J. In fact, we'll be heading over to SV on Sunday for a visit with friends. will you be around? if so, I REALLY hope we can see you!!! you'll be at endless summer, right? will you still be at MS on sunday?