living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, September 03, 2007

and some italia pics...

The day after camp I journeyed from Seattle to Newark (((where I saw re and tom!!!))) to Rome to Olbia, Sardinia; here's a pic in the Rome airport...I drank a true-to-life italian cappuccino and read "Me and Mr. Darcy". Oh life. :)

Here's Aleah (my sister) and Matt, her boyfriend, showing off their stellar "this is how we drink cappuccino con baileys" skills.

The town of La Madd (La Maddalena), where Aleah lives, and where she's stationed at, is a quaint little coastal/boat town. I could have stared for hours at the boats in port...water = so alive.

We walked down to the edge of a dock one day and just sat...and chatted...and sat...and chatted.

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...

This is the view from Aleah's apartment in Palau.

This is the national flower in italy, which adorned the side of many a sidewalks and streets; there was a vacation home for the President on La Madd, and these flowers permeated the grounds.

We heart mini coopers! If I didn't have a dog and YL kids to transport around, surely I'd start driving a mini. and I'd drive really fast. and i'd make out with mark wahlberg.

Ahhh. water. relax me.

Would you like some American pizza? yes, this one had hotdog toppings, but the more popular American pizza was topped with french fries.

The po po thought I was about to steal steal their car car here. (((Carabinieri :: policia))).

Take a look at the dancing queen statues atop this Parliament building...

I would have gone to Rome for this alone: this is the "dark night of the soul" statue, "a prieta", of Mary cradling the crucified Christ. I wrote part of a past paper on this very topic...

As it turns out many of the "deep and insightful and artsy" pictures are either a) on Aleah's camera, or b) upright on my camera, and I haven't taken the time to flip them yet. So this is the taste of Italy you're going to get from my right now...