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living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I carried a watermelon

I'm itching to be around kids...and I think if I go too much longer without them down here in CA, then I'll soon a) go crazy, and b) lose all knowledge of how to talk/communicate with the under-18 population. Take for instance, a conversation that happened today while walking home from the grocery store with Mr. Darcy:

(Cara approaches three middle school friends from the back, whom she does not know, and notices that one of them is wearing FUGGS, ie: fake uggs).

She begins to pass them and says, "Man, your legs must be pretty hot. I mean, not that they're hot, but ... [awkward silence: I'm not Chester the Molester, I swear, little friend!] don't your feet get pretty warm in your Uggs?"

"Yeah, but they're not that bad."

"Oh. You must not have sweaty feet then."

WHAT THE HECK? It's like I just inserted the "I carried a watermelon" line from Dirty Dancing* into my dialogue with a 13 year old. "You must not have sweaty feet?" Do I have overly sweaty feet? Where did that come from?

It reminds me of the time when Laura and I traveled Europe: we were in London for the first five days or so, and got to see STOMP on the West End. There was this actor/dancer/stomper on stage who looked EXACTLY like my best friend Amanda's then-fiance at that time. So I ended up starring at him almost the entire production, thinking wow! what an uncanny resemblance!

Fast forward to an hour or two after the show: we're back in Nottinghill and in need of some late night hummus at the Greek deli. So we walk inside, and there, between the pita bread and the white and blue display case is the very same Jess-look-a-like from the show!

I whisper my findings to Laura, and eventually we find the nerve to ask him if -indeed- that was him. It was him. We became so starstruck that the best - and only! - question our thumping hearts could muster up the nerve to ask was, " you work out a lot? I mean, because, it seems like you have to be really active and stuff with Stomp and all."

Yup. I carried a watermelon.

*Baby finally gets to meet Patrick Swayze, and all she can say in response to his hello is, "I carried a watermelon..." She laments the line for the next ten minutes of the movie.