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living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

oh, the 10 year. :)

Another weekend's come and gone...and my high school ten year reunion has now been added to that list. If you didn't know, whether it's just that I'm weak in saying "no," or just incredibly gifted in delegating responsibilities (I'd like to think it's the latter of the two, but...), I just planned and put on my 10 year reunion. Go Celts Go. With a team of 10 or so others REALLY owning things and rootin' for the home team, we put on the following:

Friday night: tailgate party and homecoming game. It was great! (And BBQ Aaron worked that grill!)

Saturday AM: Young Life Campaigners' reunion at Bob and Debby's - mmmm....lovely. Obviously, this wasn't part of the reunion weekend as a whole at a public high school, but it was a fun addition for some of us.

Saturday lunch: family picnic. Yup. Cancelled due to rain. Let's remember that the weather isn't so sunny in Oregon in October. :)

Saturday PM: THE OFFICIAL REUNION at Willamette Valley Vineyards. The location was epic, the wine was a-flowin', and it was obvious that everyone had a great time. We were rather excited to see the 130 people there, as two weeks ago we were at an all time high of 24 people paid. So, minus a couple of details, it was awesome reconnecting and seeing people excited to be together again. And here I was, not wanting to originally go to my 10-year because I'd heard it was all about one-upping everyone....the barriers were down, and the silly high school clicks didn't resurface 10 years later. All in all, I'd say it was a success!

High school BFF, Kristen Cronie...

the lovely lunds

Danny and Rachel got married last week at Theo Chocolate Factory in Fremont (ie: Seattle). Besides the fact that beautiful people belong together, the wedding and weekend were fantastic altogether. The ceremony and reception were both held in the back warehouse of the building, so with the brick exterior and then dark candle lighting, it had a glamorous city feeling to it. My favorite part of the ceremony was when they lit the candles: instead of doing the traditional unity candle, candlelighters came down the aisles and started passing the flame. Then every person in the room took the votive from underneath their chair and symbolically lit the "unity" candle while Danny and Rachel watched. To me that so significantly symbolizes the role of community in the unity of a husband and wife. It was beautiful. And again, as were they.

(((Pics: 1. Rachel, Cara and Danny. mmmm. 2. TEAM WEDDING: me, SG, Copey and Mel. 3. Who knew corn stalks grew in the city?)))

german chocolate yum

I've finally uploaded my October we have BAKE A GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY! My friend Jenn, the quasi-professional Betty Crocker, came up to the house to help me bake a cake. So on this lovely Saturday afternoon, we baked, we let them eat cake, we chatted, and we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and Superstar!!!

Pictured here is Grace, Peter and Gigi, whose house I live at in the g'ma apartment, and then Jenn and me.

Monday, October 15, 2007

from my jessimoo

My friend Jessica is currently fulfilling her heart's dream of going to Africa; read on for a powerful excerpt from her email...

i sat for quite a while yesterday with josephine, who can only get around using a wheelchair with a hand crank because she lost the use of both of her legs in a bombing. she has a four year old son that she is raising by herself because the father of the child does not have to stay with her if she is disabled. but her testimony is remarkable...her son's name means "only the Lord knows", because she has such a rich understanding that God is able to complete what is missing in her and she truly believes that God will be everything that she and her child need to live rich and full lives. please pray for josephine - that she would be able to provide for her family, and that God might even provide the resources for her to get a chair that is easier for her to maneuver as it is difficult for her to travel long distances with the hand crank chair.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I spy, dot dot dot

1. this was my favorite response from an email to our YL leaders today in which I used the word, "viz".

him: I've never heard the expression "viz." Is it newer or older?

me: "viz" is a cara-ism for VISION....I don't know if it's new, or old, or just nothing, ie: ME! Feel free to start spreading the love and using the word, though. :)

That's right! I might be hip and cool with the lingo! love it. :)

2. Today I received 2 emails from a man I've never met who ended every email with an ellipsis: "...". Now, if you look in the above writing, I frequently use the "...". It communicates a thought that hasn't quite morphed into finishing yet. It is still yet to be completed. But there's a "but" in this sentence: you have to win the right to use the ellipsis. A relationship must first be established with the person - kindof like using a nickname. No, you can't call me caramac until ___________(fill in the blank)_______. Win the right, win the right. So upon reading the email from a guy I'd never met, the over-use of the ellipsis was just kindof creepy. Yes, you're excited to meet me for lunch, dot dot dot... Do you know what that "..." does to me, though?

hey, I'm serious - but I'm also going to stop right here. welcome to my mind just for a second. :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

so, do you score candy with this trick or treater?

This is why I can't go to the dog section in Target - because Mr. Darcy too might come out looking like Ranada's Lilly in the Shrek flesh.'s a good chuckle. Thanks R!