living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

he he he

Thanks to my buddy Elena for this GREAT Christmas cartoon to lighten the holiday madness!

Among other things, here are some random thoughts:

*I think my car mechanic is doubling as the Grinch who stole Christmas. It's just a hunch, but Raul the Jetta is JUST FINE! Now, little "check engine" light, please go off so that I can pass the smog test.

*Today I tried to perform minor surgery on Mr. Darcy, and I think I may have mangled his flesh a little too much. I was just trying to save him from a tick! (((And ps: how'd the buddy get a tick?!!)))

*Do you ever have one of those days of overwhelming divine appointments? Whether one wants to call it serendipity, or just being aware of God's presence in the midst of seemingly "random" conversations, over and over again, I .... felt .... like he was in the middle of my day. (Why is it that sometimes we feel like God's there, and sometimes our eyes are so glued shut that we stumble and crash into everything in our way?)

*my sister flies in tomorrow for ROAD TRIP '07 up to Hayward, Nevada City and Oregon!

Merry Christmas. chm.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

merry christmas from MD and cara, merry christ-mas....

God bless ugly Christmas sweater parties...and K-marche's sweater vest collection...and Anna, that fabulous sweater you and Joe gave MD last year. :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

contemplative cara

November was a great month of BEING. And now, even as I write this, I'm realizing that it's December, so what better a moment than the present to reflect and think and be thankful.

*the 80/20 principle. Dear friends Mindy and Johnny came down from Portland for the weekend a few weeks back; as we sat in this little world-savvy organic restaurant (Chez Shea in Half Moon Bay), we talked about the 80/20 principle. Be it friendships, work relationships and time, personal time - or whatever else, we don't always seem to have our priorities straight. The example was given to list out your top 20 friends (ie: relationships), in order (!), and then look at the top four on that list: that's your top 20%, so why not invest 80% of your time there?

*today MD and a group of buddies traveled up to Fort Funston for some hiking and dog walking/running/ball throwing. The area runs along side the Pacific Ocean - and how heartbreaking it was seeing the effects of the oil spill in the SF Bay. The sand was an ugly, slick black, and though the dogs running ...and sliding... along it could care less, my heart broke and was angered for man's mistake.

*I feel CALLED to this area. And I love it.

*I can't wait to be Miss Mac in the subbing capacity in the coming weeks - just to meet kids!

*Friendships are forming, and I'm learning to be open and vulnerable and not fall into the trap of "higher than thou" ministerial mind positions.

*Reading: Under the Banner of Heaven: a Story of Violent Faith

*Just watched: An Affair to Remember

*Need to invest in: Scrabble pieces. yes. I'd forgotten how much I LOVE - love, love, love - Speed Scrabble/Take Two. As a head leader up at Malibu this summer we invested strong amounts of time into the game... :) And then this past night with buddies Zach and Jill, Erika and Brian, my word-loving heart skipped a beat.

Excited about: road trip 2007 with my sister up to Oregon in a few weeks!