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Saturday, December 20, 2008

once upon a ... 14 hour drive to ashland

How do I tell this story in the most minimal way as possible? Ahh, it's a story, that's for sure.

Thursday, 12/18: cara drives with mr. darcy to ashland, OR to spend the night with old roommate/travel companion, Lola. That which is supposed to be a 6 hour drive ends up taking a little bit longer...

8.15: leave san mateo

8.20: stop by starbucks, of course

8.35: on the road again!

11ish: stop in Vacaville to find windshield wiper fluid that won't freeze under 32 degrees (courtesy of advice from smart Mr. Whitney) and to hopefully find a nice person or two who will help me install my driver's side headlight.

11.20ish: Target is of no windshield wiper fluid avail, and neither is Chevron. I take a chance on Big O Tires and make 7 new best friends whom I treat to Starbucks in exchange for help with all of the above. Main quote here: "how many men does it take to change a headlight?" it. I SWEAR I didn't bat my eyelashes too much.

12ish: on the road again, though hitting Redding a bit later than expected.

2:45: forego lunch in Redding as to hit the pass more timely

3: we're less than 5 miles north of Redding and carrying chains is (already!) required. that is EARLY. I pass by showing them my sweet new chains sitting in the backseat next to MD.

3.15: it's time to put on chains! I take a deep breath, decide I probably know what I'm doing (I've had some conversations about it), and pull over to the side of the road. I disassemble my chains and attempt to put them on my front tires. I am mostly finished when the guy in the car behind me comes up and asks if I a) know what I'm doing and b) need help. He takes a look at my handy work and calls me a pro, and proceeds to help me with the tighteners. I give him a chocolate bar in return. Hey, tis the season!

3.30: mixed CDs courtesy of friends Jamelyn and Raymond are playing off and on in the background on full blast in an attempt to drown out the constant clicking of the annoying chains. Traffic is not going more than 30-35 MPH.

...still in chains...

4.45: I look ahead of me and realize that I am about to run over what looks like a semi's set of chains. I run over the chains. Immediately I hear a crazy additional clicking on my driver's side chains. I pull over to the side of the road and see that one of the links has come undone. Well, what to do but continue driving? So I do.

4.55ish: all of the sudden: KSDFOUISDGHLEKRJL@K$*@$KJDFLKSDF. My driver's side chains fly off. Dang Gina. I call Dad and ask for his advice: "well, driving with only one tire chained up defeats the purpose. You'd better get another set of chains!" I decide to go to the next chain-place I can find and remedy the problem.

5.15ish: I think I am getting close to new chains because we are, afterall, in the middle of a crazy snowstorm in the middle of nowhere. Nope. ASKFLJ@#(*ASJDFLKASJ@#$@#$!!! Chains on the passenger's side of the car fly off, as a result of hitting the semi's chains too?

5.16: I pull over to the side of the road. What the HELL am I supposed to do right now when my chains are splayed all over the road? I am chainless. I will call Emergency Roadside and have them either tow me into town or bring me new chains. I pick up my phone to call. Nope. The phone is beeping that it's dying a fast cell phone death. If I call now on the phone it'll die in the middle of it. Must find a new cell phone (and a charger, for that matter).

5.17: with my beanie, gloves and uggs on, I put the flashers on and step outside of the car. The wind is crazy. Snow is flurrying madly. And I am on the side of the road trying to see with my arms waving in the air. A moving truck comes up upon me, and like they do in the movies, I am waving, waving, waving him down. He doesn't stop. Whatever happened to the goodness in society? Oh wait, now he is stopping, though a football field ahead of me.

5.18: I start running towards the moving truck while he starts backing up towards me. Hope I don't get run over.

5.19: Mr. Moving Truck man and I meet. I explain the situation and ask if I can borrow his cell phone. "Sure, hop in." I hesitate for a second...Mama said not to get into cars of strangers. What if he takes me to Mexico? Too late. I'm in and we're backing up torwards Raul the Jetta.

5.20: I get out to find the number, sitting in my own car (safety first!) dialing. Thus begins the conversation with ER Roadside:

"Are you okay? Do you need immediate assistance or medical help?"

"Well, mean, I'm on the side of I-5 in a snowstorm, by myself and my chains popped off. I mean, what do you think?"

"Ma'am, where are you?"

"I'm on the side of I-5 heading northbound."

"Ma'am, where are you, more specifically?"

"I'm on the side of I-5 heading northbound between Redding and Yreka."

"Ma'am, I'm going to need a bit more information than that. Do you see any signs or signposts indicating where you are?"

"Ma'am," (now I'm inserting the 'ma'am'), "I'm in the middle of a snowstorm. I can't see anything. There is nothing but snow in front of me." (Cara is getting frustrated and wants to cry now)

"Okay, we want to help you, but I need to know where you're at."

"Don't you think I'd tell you where I was at if I knew where I was at?"


Cara remembers: GPS device. I look at my GPS and see that I'm exactly 47 miles from Ashland; Ashland is exit 14 over Oregon, so it's 14 miles into the state. 47 - 14 is 33.

"Ma'am, I'm exactly 33 miles from the California/Oregon border. Does that help you?"

Calculating, calculating...

"Oh, you're outside of ______________" (can't remember).


"Okay, we'll send a tow truck to you as soon as we can."

"Thank you."

I give the guy back his cell phone, he departs.

Roadside calls my near-dead cell phone and the automated voice picks up: "Emergency Roadside Assistance ... will be to you ... in approximately ... 1 hour." 1 hour?! I could get eaten alive in 1 hour!

With the engine running, a book on tape playing (which I now need to listen to over again), a near-dead cell phone, a dog who hates me and doesn't understand why we can't play in the snow, I sit in my car. And sit. And sit.

6 pm...

6.30: emergency roadside calls: "If your emergency roadside assistance has arrived, please press 1...if your emergency roadside assistance has not arrived, please press 2." 2!!! "If you need to be connected with your emergency roadside provider, please press 1." 1!!!

Tow truck company answers:

"Hello!!!! I'm on the side of the road. Where are you?" (Distress, distress, phone beeping "death" in my ear)

"We just got onto I-5 and our chains popped off! We're trying to fix our truck, but we'll be to you as soon as we-"

Phone dies.

this is it. I really am dead now. I guess I can eat Mr. Darcy's dog food and stay alive for a little bit. Ewww. I really don't want to eat puppy chow.


6.45: bright lights are behind me. Jesus? Sirens come on. I've never been this happy to see a police officer in my life. I jump out of the car in glee.


Oh yeah. Forgot about that part. Hwy patrol man comes up to me:

"Are you okay? I see you've been here for awhile."

Wait a minute...I look at him quizzically. He KNOWS I've been here for the past who-knows-how-long and hasn't come over to assist me?

Officer reads the look on the face of she who can't hide her emotions.

"No, I saw you from the other side of the freeway, but I couldn't get over to you because of all the snow in the median. I had to go down to the next exit and turn around. Are you okay?"

I explain that my chains have popped off and I'm waiting for roadside to come and rescue me, but I don't know if they'll ever make it and my cell phone's dead...

"Ma'am, you do know that you're on a 10-mile stretch of the freeway in which chains are not required?"


So, because of the lack of hills on that minor stretch, chains aren't required. He directs me to Chevron, 7 miles north in Yreka, to get a second set of chains, as they will be required at that point.

"Will you be okay?" I nod my head yes.

7.05: Chevron gas station in Yreka. I buy chains and the tighteners. I charge my cell phone in the bathroom and call dad to let him know that I haven't died, contrary to popular belief. I call Lola, apologizing for being 3 hours late. Chevron treats me to hot chocolate. I appreciate them. I install chains a second time and the Chevron guy nods his head in approval. These chains look much more manly and stable. I cross my fingers and leave that joint.

7:30: I-5 corridor.

"Sorry ma'am. I-5 northbound is closed right now. Check back in half an hour."


This is crazy.

I drive on over to Super 8, thinking, maybe we can get out of the car for a bit. Me and Mr. Darcy, with my cell and charger walk into the lobby. I stand in line and raggedly smile pretty for the receptionist.

"Hi there! I-5 is closed right now. Do you think my dog and I could wait in your lobby for a few minutes and charge-"

"Ma'am, this is a commercial food zone. Dogs are not allowed. Please leave."

"Uh....could I still charge my cell phone?" She looks at me like I'm holding a Sprint PCS bomb. She has pity on me.

I sit in the car and steal internet from the Super 8.

8:15: Get cell with minor juice now, and drive over to the freeway entrance. Still closed. I wait in line with the other cars and steal internet from another hotel.

9:15: I-5 is open!!! Drive the remaining 40 miles to Ashland, with Hwy patrol leading the way at an even 32 miles an hour.

10:30: arrive at Lola's. Home sweet home.


So, merry christmas...happy safe...and live, love, laugh about the little and big things this holiday season. god bless.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cops is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement...

I'm writing one of two last NT Wright papers for this horrid (but mildly enjoyable in an academic "I'm learning lots!" sort of way), I must speak of an incident in the city this morning:

*car one: black Honda Civic.
*car two: silver Honda Civic
*car three: Raul the Jetta

We're on 19th Ave, which runs through SF to the Golden Gate Bridge; I was heading up there to go on a little hike through the Presidio with MD and an old friend Mary. The time: 10 am. So here we are on 19th Ave in the farthest right lane. The light turns red, and car 2 rear-ends car 1. Car 1 stops, puts on flashers and (rightfully) thinks, oh, perhaps we'll have a little discussion about this minor accident that just happened (of course, since I'm putting words in Car 1's mouth, this could also completely NOT be the case, but as narrator, I reserve the right to put words-in-mouths as much as I like).

Meanwhile, Car 2 thinks to himself, DUDE! I don't want to have an accident on my insurance! I'm outta this joint!

So Car 2, while Car 1 is getting ready to approach him, instead backs into Car 3 (that's me) in order to pull into traffic and avoid the collision all together. I'm honking. I'm talking to sister-in-law Melissa on the phone going WHAT THE HECK?!!! Granted, car 2 merely "bumped" my bumper, so I'm not too worried at this point. There are worse things that can happen.

Well, back to the story: Car 2 takes off down 19th. Driver of Car 1 gets back into his vehicle, honking, screaming, and thus starting a high-speed chase down 19th Ave. Meanwhile, Car 3 is in the back going, wait a minute, am I part of the scene now? Do I now join filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement.... and become the race-car driver I've always dreamed of being?

Car 1 - high speed down 19th.
Car 2 - high speed screamer down 19th.
Car 3 - mmmm, I don't want to get a ticket, kindof high speed, I'm really not that hardcore down 19th.

Stop light: Car 1 stops because he has no choice with the buddies in front of him. Car 2 stops. Flashers come on again. This time he jumps out of his car, again, with some slick looking weapon of sorts that he's holding in his right hand while banging on the window of Car 1, screaming.

Car 2 guy keeps yelling, motioning for the window-roll down, flashing slick weapon thingy. Meanwhile Car 3 is thinking that she's pretty much pretty not hardcore and would like to not get killed.

Light turns green. Car 1 takes off. Again. Car 2 man jumps back into his car, squeals ahead and Raul the Jetta keeps on puttin away. They turn onto a side street and zoom up the hill. Car 3 loses them.


So now the question is: do I call the popo of San Francisco in order to provide evidence for the rear-ending and front-ending of two vehicles? Am I now a witness to a crime?

dun dun dunnnnnnnn

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


1. just paid off my Chase credit card! Woohoo!! Financial freedom, here we come! It only took me two CC representatives to get through the hoops of them trying to get me to stay on. I think they finally got the picture.

2. today for lunch: a beet quesadilla. This is what happens when cara forgets that there's a trader joe's beet salad in the fridge. With the lettuce now ghandi, what better an option than to create-a-meal. I am brought back to our after school days growing up in which we'd raid the kitchen for any such items that might be good in a milkshake. Peppermint extract, vanilla extract, jello, icecream (hence the "milkshake" part of the equation), bananas, apples, oranges, milk (staple numero dos), cinnamon - the list goes on.

3. death. It's a given, and all we can do sometimes is sit in the middle of it and let it pass by us and through us. I'll be attending two memorial services between Friday and Saturday. I don't like that. Not at all.

Friday, November 07, 2008

a weekend in SC

*speaking at mt hermon this weekend to middle school kids :: I forgot how funny these little buggers are! It's a good refresher of a weekend, to say the least.

*the current fuller class on theologian NT Wright is kicking my booty.

*the writing of the novel has been put off through this weekend - oh, to achieve 50,000 words. :)

*roommate James moved out today - it'll be interesting to see the change within the dynamics of the house.

*had a solitude day down in Half Moon Bay the other day - how I miss living in ocean environments! (and besides that the time with jesus was good as well).

That is it right now - i'm waiting for my taco bell chips and cheese before heading to bed. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Final pics:: southern beaches...

James, Doug and I went to a fun restaurant for lunch where we got to write on the walls! Well, I got to write on the walls, and so let the rest of the world know about our theme song: "we're down with Ko Phi Phi, yeah you know meeeeeeeeeee!"
And am I making you jealous of the sunset in Phuket? ...this was a pretty sweet walk roommate Jeannie and I took to the end of the cove.
From the ferry on the way to Ko Phi Phi - yes. this is real.
And this is where we went sunset surfing - I've discovered that I'm quite a pro surfer, if the board is like 19 feet long.
This was the view from our Bungalow in Phuket (in southern Thailand)- mmm...

just a few more from Bangkok...

Tuk tuks are a main form of transportation in Thailand; here's Doug and me on the tuk tuk riding through the smoggy, smelly streets of Bangkok. (Why are they called 'tuk tuks'? Because of the "tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk" sound the motor makes while its three wheels drive through town).
The Reclining Buddha :: now this buddy was BIG!
Jeannie and I made the mistake of wearing capris (and not pants!) to the Grand Palace, so we got to don the free saris and for Jeannie, the man-sized peach button-up.
The Grand Palace! It was so interesting being in a country with very little early Christian and/or Catholic influence; having traveled to Europe and Latin America, I think I take for granted the western influence not only culturally but within religion as well. Then being in a 97% Buddhist country, you could definitely feel a difference through the influence of the eastern religions.
Jeannie eating some big sheet. ha. ha. ha.

Thai pics: a few from Bangkok...

Welcome to Thailand!
Jeannie and I took a cooking class with what we suspect is the kid they hired from down the street who donned the "chef's" hat - yummy coconut soup, though!
On BTS, aka: the lightrail system in Bangkok: Doug, Jeannie, Jackie, Jeff, me. We traveled via the system EVERYWHERE.
Isn't it interesting that Thai definition of beauty involves having whiter skin, while in the states we buy creams to make our skin darker and/or tanner?
I'm obviously not going to post anymore of these pics, but this is an example of what we were in the middle of in the various red light districts in Bangkok: the sad stereotype of the older, white male hand in hand with the young Thai girl that he bought for the night, the couple of days, the week... I am still processing much of this.

Friday, October 17, 2008

the short of it

*love the Thai pancakes - rather crepe like...had a banana and cashew one this morning with sweet and condensed milk on top. I think I'm in love.
*danced on the beach with the girls last night - nothing like it! Shoes off, sandy feet, sweat dripping off our faces from the heat of the fire throwers just a few feet away, cooling off in the warm ocean water, starting the dance THAT is vacay.
*We're going snorkeling and kayaking to the James Bond island today.

It's interesting - a few of us assumed that Phi Phi Island would be more laid-back than Phuket, but because of the side of the island we were on, this place is feeling even more touristy than the former. Though there aren't cars, there's MUCH more of a travel feeling than the local side of culture, which I love.

blessings, c.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

down with ko phi phi

The six of us have all arrived on Ko Phi Phi and will be here for the next two nights. It's a beautiful island without a car in sight (or allowed for that matter). I'm in love with banana milkshakes and baby coconuts, food wise. It's crazy hot, and we seem to be reapplying the sunblock every two minutes. We're staying in the Chestnut Bungalows, in these fabulous little rooms with swan towels already folded for us on the beds. Currently, the crew is taking a quick walk around town before heading to the beaches. Quite a few people (but me) have had trouble with money, including ATMs, even if they contacted their banks ahead of time. Jackie's seemed to have the most trouble of all of us, and wasn't able to fly down to Phuket (the big island we were just on for the two previous nights) because they needed a copy of her credit card, which was ironically stolen the first day. What do you do? Finally the airline had mercy on her, but she and James ended up arriving four hours after the rest of us.

Among yesterday's highlights were sunset surfing, Thai massages on the beach (!), late night dancing (with the girls, that is - the guys have been suffering from white boy dance syndrome and need a few more people and alcohol in them before they're able to partake), and continuing to be with each other, learning and loving the quirks and mannerisms we all bring along on our respective and collective journeys. I have four more nights in Thailand then it's (sadly) home sweet home.

blessings, c.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

where to begin...

Our day of "work" began today around 1.30 - as previously mentioned, Bonita had asked us to help her out on a special project: without exploiting any of the girls by showing their faces, we were asked to try and find pictures of the sad stereotype of the older white man with the young Thai woman. Walking around the various red light districts and connecting streets of Bangkok, it was not hard to find such couples. We switched off pretending to pose for the camera while the photographer then zoomed in on the pair. Thus began that which we saw bits of yesterday but had further confirmed today: disgust and sadness and anger engulfed my heart all at the same time. I found myself soon not wanting to look any obvious male foreigner in the eyes because of the assumed stereotype of his presence in those particular areas of town.

We then went back to their house (which houses 10 girls) to get further training on the night to come, and just hang out with the girls and the other ladies there volunteering as well. After a Mexican Thai (!) dinner, we Bonita, Jeannie, Boo (one of the former prostitutes, who now goes into the bars to connect with girls) and I started out at a "level 2" bar: a go go bar. I was not horrified and I was not shocked by what I saw - perhaps the graphics of my present generation have already somewhat prepared my mind. I saw these girls - some as young as 14, and others nearing the end of their prostituting prime - and I saw their innocence. I saw the disconnect between the womanly facade of sex on the outside and the giddy childlike spirit in their interactions with each other. I saw them excited to see us, especially when they already knew Bonita and Boo. I also saw them eyeing and looking at me as a potential customer (of which we had been warned not to make too much eye contact with one girl for that very reason). I saw them slide up a pole, and then laugh hysterically with the girl next to them, dancing without inhibition. I saw their eyes. I saw the mechanics of the operation. I saw that it was their way of life, their only means to support their family. I wondered of their stories, and why more of them weren't getting out.

And I saw the men too. And I got angrier than I had been before. I saw men looking at the number on the woman they wanted, and simply pointing at the object of their affection. I saw carnal desire. I saw crude longing. I saw saddened eyes and I saw glazed-over eyes. I thought about what these men wearing wedding rings and dressed in their Sunday best might have left behind. I wondered why they wouldn't look me in the eyes. I wondered why there wasn't someone - another man, perhaps - out here reaching these men as these women are with the prostitutes.

I saw a lot tonite. We went to two more bars in another district that evening, and just sat there as the New Beginnings women talked (in Thai) to the working women. We were asked to keep a smile on our face, to not grimace or show disgust. To see the girls as such was not hard, but I felt like my face was in a stale position when a customer came ino the picture. This is not something that I can solve overnight. This is a bigger problem than choice because this is their livelihood. But I believe in what this ministry is doing, just as I believe that God does not look on these women (or these men!) in disgust, but in sadness.

That is all for now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

just stories

I wish I was able to upload pictures....but alas, you'll just be hearing stories until I get home. We're on day 3 of Bangkok, with the other four (Doug, Jackie, Jeff, James) having left yesterday for Cambodia. Jeannie and I are staying at the Sukhimvit on Nut guest house on the far east side of town; the place, which is run by a Japanese ex-Patriot, Manji, among other things boasts a 300-menu item restaurant that we decide to pay a visit to this morning. Ahhh. It was awesome. There's nothing like a lack of government regulations to then make menu items 1-10 different kinds of Quaker oatmeal: #1: Apples and Cinnamon, #2: Maple Syrup, #3: get the picture. Of that the rest of the menu flows. :)

So yesterday Jeannie and I departed from the others to drop our stuff off at the guest house, and then went back into town to meet up with Roy Thompson, a Bay ARea native who now lives and works out of Thailand. WE had lunch with him, then met up with his wife, Bonita, who runs a ministry called New Beginnings out of one of the red light districts of Bangkok. [There are four main Red Light districts in BAngkok, each with an average of 50 bars per area, with around 3000 girls per area...]. it was good just hanging out with Bonita and the 10 girls who live in their house, and tonite we'll be heading into one of the districts to be with Bonita and her staffers on what they call "Outreach." Really, it operates quite similarly to what I've seen with Young Life when (for instance), leaders go into the school: yes, they're Christian, but the point is not then conversion, but it's to love those girls right then and there, where they're at and in their worlds. Some girls are very receptive to Bonita's presence in the bars, and some completely ignore her; either way, she knows that she's being a light by simply entering into their worlds, into a place that too many people shun and look down upon, even qualifying the girls' actions as demonic. And as we talked about yesterday, if Hollywood were to make a movie about Bonita, she'd be the most unlikely star of the show: she's a woman in her early 60's perhaps. White. Unassuming. She was an educator of 36 years - and now she finds herself in a place that she of all people would never have expected in a million years. I'm sure tonite will be life-changing, to say the least.

After time with the Thompsons, we then headed outside of Bangkok to meet up with Chaovalit and his team of Young Life Thailand leaders. They're putting on their first ever weekend camp this coming weekend, so Jeannie and I got to do a training for them. I've never spoken with a translator before, so that was a different experience in that it's hard to gather your thoughts and keep them organized when stopping at the end of every sentence or phrase. But the people were the epitome of the Thai: warm, hospitable, polite, generous, with FABULOUS homemade food that we - literally - ate up. I have found my new food love of the day: mango sticky rice. Mmmm.

On the docket before tonite's adventure: a Thai cooking class at our guest house, and then Bonita's "mission" for us: pictures. Pictures of old men with young Thai women. Wow....this is going to be intense.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

we are here. :)

We are here....2 movies, a Lonely Planet episode, a bit of HW reading and some off and on sleep later, we've arrived and have reunited with 6th traveler James who accidentally flew out a day earlier than the rest of us. :) Meanwhile, highlights/lowlights:

*Jackie's wallet got stolen :: ouch
*the other four fly to Cambodia today - we'll reunite on Wednesday AM (it's Monday AM now)
*had AMAZING authentico Thai food last night, including lobster for $1/lb!
*the discrepancy between poverty and luxury here is always something that makes the mind swirl. As I was telling my friends JOsh and Brenda, what's the balance between getting a good bargain at the market and then realizing it's their income, their livelyhood?
*slept 11 hours last night - woohoo!
*am still in love with coconuts
*amazing pics so far - wish I could upload them
*Bangkok :: dirty slab of a concrete city. we found a park in the midst of the craziness yesterday. refuge.

That is it for now...heading to drop off backpacks at guesthouse we're staying at tonite, and then we'll do volunteer work for the next 48 hours. If you pray, pray for us - thank you!


Thursday, October 09, 2008

the vacay countdown

As is often the case, in that time before leaving for a big trip/assignment/small trip/day trip/walk with the dog (...), the hours before can be rather *crunched* in. But tomorrow night we embark on a 1.20 am flight to BANGKOK with the eclectic group of James, Jeannie, Jeff, Jackie, Doug and Cara. How I wish my name was Jara, but that's another story... The itinerary is as follows:

*Saturday, 10/11: travel for 17 hours (yes, you heard that right) from SFO for a layover in Hong Kong... Plane time will be my lone read school work time: NT Wright's Volume II JESUS book.

*Sunday, 10/12: arrive in Bangkok at 10.30 in the morning. Please, someone do the math on travel hours vs. time change! Today we shall go to one of the world's biggest outdoor markets (in Bangkok) and then sleep in a posh hotel that night (for an uber cheap amount as this is one place that the US dollar is ahead of the market).

*Monday and tuesday, 10/13 and 14: Jeannie and I will stay in Bangkok while the other four travel over to Cambodia for 48 hours. While in town, we'll be doing work with various ministries and non-profits working with women in the sex-slave industry for the majority of our time, and then we'll do a brief camp training for Young Life leaders in Thailand on Monday night. :)

*Wednesday, 10/15: Go see the Grand Palace during the day, and then travel to PHUKET that night!!

*Thursday - Monday, 10/16 - 20: SOUTHERN BEACH HOPPING. And this preview here is all I then have to add...okay fine, I'll then add the following picture made famous by Leonardo in his pot-head film, The Beach:

*Tuesday, 10/21: Arrive back in Bangkok, and then fly back to SFO to arrive there that afternoon at 1.30...

So, my friends, I will attempt to post pictures and/or stories, but seeing as I haven't posted in quite a while, I'm not sure how much that will pan out. :) And I don't plan on posting whilst sitting on one of those beaches eating my mango rice and drinking my whatever-they-drink-in-Thai-Thai drink.

Otherwise, here are other random musings....

*yay for new haircuts! This is one of my new leaders, Juvy, who just cut 10 inches off her hair. Wowee.

MISS CARA: Next we have three of the girls from Aragon that I hang out with: Monique, Kiara and Raven. They call me Miss Cara, and it is just fun fun fun.

And might we have another 30 before 30 soon checked off: there's always been this pipe dream of writing a book. But frankly as long as something's called a pipe dream, really, that just means that nothing's being done to put footing underneath or backing behind it - so why not stop talking about it, and start doing something about it?! Thanks to my old friend Jen Baum, I found out about the National Novel Writer's Month. Why not?! And the basic premise of the book? Well....some of the 30 before 30 adventures, of course! Finally, I won't be on my own, my friend Brandon from Young Life over in Oakland is joining me in the cause, for accountability purposes of course (and a fun read of his book afterwards). Here's Brandon:

All righty, I think that is it for now. Will I make The Office in 2 minutes? One can only hope...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How excited am I? Today is Happy National Punctuation Day, the holiday that reminds everybody that “a semicolon is not a surgical procedure”!!! So use your commas, hyphens, parenthesis, and “quotation marks” generously - copy editors have been forewarned.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

just 3...

I'm wrapping up an evening at Young Life's Woodleaf camp. Mr. Darcy is staying with his border collie BFF's, Phoenix and Appa, and we'll head back tomorrow for the long haul (until Thailand in just one month!). So, in no particular order, I present to you three shameless plugs of the white, the funny and the endearing:

*the white: whether you're white, black, brown, green, purple or pink, you will laugh upon checking out this website on our white friends. I say that knowing full well that I'm whiter than I ever thought I was, and I'd gladly add to the list what one of my black friends said she'd NEVER be caught dead doing: SCRAPBOOKING.

*the funny: one of my buddies recommended this movie, so I netflixed it (and netflix is now a verb?), and haven't laughed so hard in a while. Sons of Provo is a mock-umentary indie film on the Mormon subculture through a boy band that makes it big on the Mormon pop scene. It is hilarious, and also eerily reminiscent of different subcultures that I've found myself a part of. Also, a disclaimer: to my Mormon friends, this was written by Mormons (and according to different websites) targeting an LDS audience originally. Watch it. And laugh.

*the endearing: yesterday for the first couple of hours at Woodleaf we got to have author Paul Young of THE SHACK fame come and speak to us and engage in a little Q and A time afterwards. Wow. Regardless of one's belief system, it was incredible hearing the impact this fictional piece of literature on the Trinity has had - literally - on the WORLD. As many people know, the book was just written for his children; he never intended it to read an audience outside of Office Depot, let alone to the spot of NY Times bestseller 13 (?) weeks in a row. The book is currently being translated into Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese...the list goes on, via a man who is the most down to earth, authentic, unassuming person you've ever met. If you haven't already read THE SHACK, do. I am finishing a second read-through right now (which can be rare), and it is just as good the second time.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

that which I like today...

The prayer of Sir Francis Drake, 16th century:

Disturb us, Lord, when We are too well pleased with ourselves,
When our dreams have come true
Because we have dreamed too little,
When we arrived safely
Because we sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb us, Lord, when
With the abundance of things we possess
We have lost our thirst
For the waters of life;
Having fallen in love with life,
We have ceased to dream of eternity
And in our efforts to build a new earth,
We have allowed our vision
Of the new Heaven to dim.

Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly,
To venture on wider seas
Where storms will show your mastery;
Where losing sight of land,
We shall find the stars.
We ask You to push back
The horizons of our hopes;
And to push into the future
In strength, courage, hope, and love.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

how's that 30 before 30 coming?

It seems that the somewhat forgotten 30 before 30 list has popped up onto my radar again in the past with less than 7 months until the next decade hits, here's where we stand:

PS: don't judge a cara by its cover, please.

3. Travel to two countries outside of North America (Italy: August 2007. Thailand: October 2008).
4. Run a half-marathon. (November ’06)
7. Go to a rodeo! (March ’08 with Jamie Keatts at Cow Palace).
8. Get a dog. (October 30, 2006)
11. Go camping/backpacking in Washington. (Lake Janis with Lizzy: July 2007)
12. Speak at a Young Life camp in the Northern Division. (November 2006)
18. Audition/try-out for a reality TV show. (American Idol: September 2006)
19. Make a pie from scratch. (with Jenn Davis, March 16, 2007)
21. Read through THE MESSAGE version of the (OT and NT) Bible.
23. Go wine tasting at a winery. (Testarosa, Los Gatos, CA; Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz, CA, August 2007 with Lizzy).
24. Fly or road trip to a destination concert. (Pink Flamingos, Portland, by Johnny and Mindy, July, 2007).
26. Go ocean kayaking (Elkhorn Slough, summer 2008).
27. Spend the night at a monastery. (November 2006)
29. Become an area director (Mid-Peninsula, September 2007).
30. Go on 3 dates. Check. Tsk tsk tsk. (Hey, at least I took off "get married"!)

1. Learn Spanish, either via community college, CD’s or podcasts.
2. Go skydiving and/or bungee jumping.
5. Go to a national park that I haven’t been to yet (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, etc).
6. Memorize 100 scripture verses in 100 days.
9. Read five books in five days.
10. Catch up on scrap-booking (so that I’m only a year behind).
13. Get straight A’s in grad school :: so far, so good!
14. Go crabbing and/or deep sea fishing.
15. Start working on book ideas (Annie Dillard/Anne Lamott/Frederick Buechner ::: it’s a little bit of Jesus with laughter, humor and honesty all thrown into one).
16. Play through all the old piano songs to perfection again.
17. Memorize five piano pieces, either chords or sheet music.
20. Brew homemade beer or wine.
22. Read through and see two Shakespearean plays (that I haven’t seen/read before).
25. Learn the THRILLER dance!
28. Get out of credit card debt :: scheduled completion: December 2008!

CAN BE SWITCHED OUT IN THE ABOVE CATEGORY (hey, it's my game, right?)
*read the Apocrapha
*study up on Mythology
*fly on a Hydroplane
*take a hip-hop class
*join a yoga studio
* Get my aerobics instructor certification

Indeed, the original list was written with 30 months until my 30th birthday, so hence why everything's been in the past couple of years. At this point, it's one of those for me that there's this "list" in the back of my mind that I always say I'm going to do, but then don't do anything this was a way to help me do that very thing.

What would be on YOUR list?

how has a month gone by already?

This is our Young Life Adventures team :: what a lovely, lovely bunch.

Can I have favorites of the 5-years and under population? Welcome to my world, little Emeline.

Beach day at Natural Bridges one day :: love the tidepools!

I am in recovery mode from assignment...

I am tired but not exhausted...

I am missing people but not discouraged...

I am excited for the fall, but taking it easy...

That is LIFE in a nutshell. blessings, c.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

mini updatey

...on assignment in Santa Cruz at the Mtn. Lodge/Wild Oak/YL adventures through 8/20-ish. The past two weeks have been AMAZING so far....

Congrats Holly and Andrew on your Sunday wedding!

I love this article one of my committee guys sent over about the beloved Mr. Darcy and the presidential race: ed op.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

it is weird....

...or is it just me that today at the dog park this old man kept busting out his video camera for his dog ONLY when the husky was humping another dog?

I mean, that's weird. Who does that?

So I shouldn't have then opened my mouth (mistake #12,349) because when I asked Bailey the boston terrier's dad if he had noticed the prime recording moments, he said, "well, he keeps some of the footage for himself, and the rest he puts on youtube." Apparently the recording occurs regularly.

So is it NORMAL then? Is there a different theme for his husky everyday, and I just happened to come on theme humping day instead of theme catch the frisbee day?

That is all.

Please tell me it's not just me.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

a legacy waved good-bye

...I just got done speaking at Frontier Ranch (Mission Springs) for the past week. It was here that "kujo" spent four of her college summers, holding song cards and singing really loud and doing the stomp skit and laughing and speaking and redhatting and doing program and hanging out under the redwoods. I think it's easy for us, as humans to continue to think that the world revolves around, well, us. In my mind, unbeknownst to me at the time or not, the question was always, "what legacy am I going to leave at Frontier Ranch?" Without necessarily realizing it, I continued to ask that question, and it was a good question to ask at the time because it pushed and furthered me to live and love with excellence. Well now, here we are 10 years (!!) since my first summer, and 6 since my last, and I realized that the question had flipped from my own involvement and importance to the opposite: "what legacy is Frontier Ranch going to leave with me?" How did that place change me? How did I leave a better person because of that camp's impact and influence on my life? It was good and natural and fun being back there, but I also laughed because my own glory days are (thankfully!) over. The torch has been passed on - as it should... It (being my own role and heart as well) shouldn't look the same as it did in the beginning. So we move on, in gladness.


I find myself today just chillin in this place - though with purpose I find myself in San Mateo, loving it, I also call this place home.

I'm it because I walked up the Frontier HIll one too many times? :)

About to finish Paulo Cuehlo's The Devil and Miss Prym. Wow. Again, please read his writings.

That is all...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

meet the roommates

The "so where do you live now?" seems to be a commonly asked question; in brief, back in March I moved from the g'ma apartment into a living situation with two other peeps from my community group, Jeannie and James, and Jeannie's brother Ryan. It's been AMAZING. My six or so months with the Anthonys was necessary in that time of transition, as I sifted through moving back down here, alone with my own heart and mind. So moving back into a communal living sitch came at the perfect here I present to you the roommies: Ryan, James, me and Jeannie. MD is not pictured, though he should be. :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

oh mousse. oh men.

I never knew my Clairol Herbal Essences Extra Hold Mousse cared so much for me until I read the back of the bottle:

"Let me set you up with my versatile formula fused with cactus flower & bamboo. ... I'm all whipped up to hold your style with luscious shine. If you love your style, set it free all day long."

Who gets paid to make me feel so very loved by my mousse by writing these words? If apostrophe is a human speaking to an inanimate object, what would the opposite be called? I do, by the way, love the subtle "if/then" statement at the end of mousse's thoughts: IF you love your style this much, THEN you'll set it free all day long. Style, I do love you! Style, I do want to set you free! All day long!


Okay. One another random note, I appreciated these words of wisdom from my friend Cindy last night: "Cara, if you want to hang out with your dog more than go on a date, then there's something wrong. You need to go on a date."

In other words, GET OUT, SISTER, and stop waiting for the gorgeous UPS man to sweep you off your feet while you're sitting at home with Mr. Darcy!

Ahhhhh. The end.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

oh to live vicariously through others....

Apparently I have become uninterested in my own life, and am living vicariously through my friends. Take, for example, the picture and attached story below, with permission from these superstars*:

Once upon a time in a state far, far above me, there lived a dear old friend from college, Mark "Polo" Hjslfkhalkghfvik, who after traveling the American globe landed a pastoral job at a church in North Bend, WA (moving up there after I relocated to CA - we're bringing it back to me, folks, back to me). A few miles south lived a lovely lady named Cindy Lou whom I met in Auburn; we met early on, but didn't quite become friends who frequented coffee shops and talkers-to-Jesus with/for each other until that 2nd year.

We fast-forward to the here and now: CARA (yes, that's me) unbeknownst to the two of them, tells each one of them that they need to get off their hineys and join or eharmony - yes, online dating at its finest. Having such profound influence in each of their lives, they oblige.

You know where this is going.

Memorial Day weekend I get a text from Cindy: "hey, there's this really cool guy I've been talking to..." (Ellipsis is crucial in girl-communication about boys world). I don't write back.

I turn the phone off for 24 hours between Sunday and Monday, and Tuesday morning am finally checking my messages.

Message #1, Sunday night: "Cara, it's Cindy! Call me. I'm going out with him tomorrow. Woohoo!"

Message #2, random.

Message #3, Monday night: "Cara, it's Cindy. Call me. You need to call me. Yup, that's all I'm going to say. I went out with this guy, and well, you need to call me."

Message #4, Monday night: "Cara. It's Mark. I think we may know someone in common, in fact, yup, I think you need to call me."

I start screaming. I'm cussing. I've unlocked the mystery, and before confirmations can be made, I've realized that eharmony in all its profound online matching-system wisdom has MATCHED up Mark and Cindy!!!

Confirmation, well, confirmed.

At the end of that first Starbucks date, they realized they had a little link between the two of them: ME!!! I love it! Though I wish I could have, would have set them up myself, it has been quite the adventure still being in the midst of this little match made in heaven. In the wise words of Belinda Carlisle, ooh baby, heaven is a place on earth. Yes it is.

Are they still dating? yes. Will I delete this post if they break up? Well, I suppose that'd be nice. But for now let us all revel in this little slice o cute-likey pie.

*Cindy, Mark gave me permission...and said you gave permission too. :) don't be a hater!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

6 pics :: 6 days :: woodleaf '08

Just in case you want to re-live taking high school kids to camp, here are a few pics that are sure to strike a fancy...

1. "Dress your leader up to look as horrid as possible!" night. Mission accomplished. Way to break down walls...

2. Go Young Life Mid-Peninsula!

3. Cristin, a fabulous new friend.

4. I wanna be a supermodel!!!!!! How much do I LOVE - love, love love - dressing up like an 80's rockstar? I think this is my secret self.

5. this picture alone proves I just might be ready to have children someday - I'm okay with their grimacing replies of "are you kidding me? You are SO weird!"

6. have I got hot leaders or WHAT?! L to R: CJ, Dirk, me and Jesus, otherwise known as Chris.

I spent this past week up in Santa Rosa, CA - mmm, what beautiful country, for starters! SR is about an hour and a half north of San Mateo, so in speaking for Redwood Covenant Church for the week, I opted to not come home every day, and just rested and relaxed up there when I wasn't speaking. My days consisted of the following: sleep in. drink a homemade latte. Go for a run. Hang out with Jesus. Work on my talks. Work YL via phone and email, minimally. One date a day (go Brian, Roxy, Jennie N-F, and the Moores!). Then, I would show up to the church around 4 everyday to touch base; it ended up being a challenging week speaking given the varied middle school audience of kids. Though I suppose pastors go through this all the time, as far as figuring out how much their message should be outreach vs. discipleship oriented, I'm used to one or the other, so it was good but challenging processing through the presentation all together.

Tomorrow my dear friend Anna flies into town...

Sunday our middle schoolers leave for camp...

And the week after that I speak at Frontier Ranch for a week!

Current summer reading: Goodnight Nobody (chick lit), The Devil and Miss Prynn (Paulo Cuehlo - would you PLEASE read a work of his if you haven't already?!), Surprised by Joy (trying to be smart with CS...), and then The Audacity of Hope by our man Obama. :)

From awhile back, congrats Mom on your retirement!

Congrats Mel and Naveen on your recent engagement!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


* back from Woodleaf on Friday night.

*...had an incredible, soul-restoring week with high school kids there on that magical young life property.

*...was reminded that numbers don't count.

*...felt a connection.

*...went to a wedding of a dear old work crew buddy, dr. sarah louise (marsh) york, up in portland yesterday.

*...remembered again how much i love the mindy and johnny. i love that our souls are like these inter-twining beings of people who love and support and intellectualize and converse and are authentic with one another. And i'm reminded that i need not settle for less in mr. mate because there is a perfect fit.

*...giggled over my newly-dating two dear friends. when am i allowed to post the story, C and M?

*...went to a taize service tonite. love taize.

*...had a real dinner with mi mama.

*...wondered why i'm catching a 6.10 am flight in the morning. Answer: because i miss my dog like crazy. 9 days without solid Mr. Darcy time is too long for this elizabeth bennett to go.

pics to post soon...

Friday, May 16, 2008


15 days till camp...I know I could say two weeks, but it just seems like we have so many more days with those double digits.

My new specialty food item is lemonade :: how I love - love, love, love - having a lemon tree in the backyard.

Love the living sitch.

Love walking hills every day. I call it preparation for the mtn. lodge.

Loved subbing today - and it was in English! And great convos were had with kids! (And then one nightmare, "they could make a movie out of me" move as well, but let's not talk about that quite yet. And there was a mean dean. BUT five girls were super amped about camp!)

Love MD. I love how much he loves the backyard.

Love the new fro yo place in San Mateo - Yogurtouille. 35 cents an ounce! Now that's a favorite thing!

Thought from Jesus this week: fretting is evil.

Just read: Dream When You're Feeling Blue. There's nothing like laying under a tree in the backyard on a blanket in warm weather (but in shade!), reading "after school."

that is it.


Monday, May 05, 2008

shameless nephew plug....

Yes, he's the cutest nephew in America - at last we can all agree on something! Vote for Jared Christopher here:

Also, congrats to more happy, beautiful babies in this world: to Crystal and Joel, a little girl named ANNA on Friday. To Re and Tom, TWO little boys, James and Kaden, also on Friday. Babies - mmm, mmm, mmm.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the 6 randoms for bennett....

here are my 6 random musings/postings on life - although are they really different from what I normally post?

1. I steal things. I like to steal tennis balls that I *think* aren't being used anymore from tennis courts, and then newspaper bags to be used for poo for MD. Yes, I'm a stealer.

2. I need 15 minutes of sunshine a day. now, I think because I read an internet article once that 15 minutes of such sun provides healthy vitamins, I take it for fact. So, i try myself. 15 minutes. mmmm. glory.

3. i always have a book in my purse. Always. doesn't everyone? (currently: BOUNDARIES by Cloud and Townsend). :)

4. i am a big fan of books on tape. As previously mentioned, i've become way un-cool, and fluctuate between NPR and book on tape in my car at all times (although I did switch it up today :: yes, YL kid in the car). Current book on tape: BLINK).

5. Life's too short not to walk. I try to go at least one day a week in which I walk to all appointments/meetings instead of driving my car. This is for environmental/creation reasons and also the freaking-high-cost-of-gas reasons.

6. I name everything - as if you haven't noticed. From the car to the navigational device, everything goes better with a name; although, i will have ya'll know that I'm not alone: I met another border collie owner (perhaps that's our connection...) who named her STOVETOP. Kindred spirits, I tell ya.

I tag.....

Sandy H.
D. Olson fam

Do I have to tag more than three? you know what to do....

what can I say?

In the last month, I.....

1. finished another Fuller class :: ancient spirituality. eh - although I did like reading/thinking critically about our founding fathers/mothers of the faith. (faves: St. Bernard of Clairvoux, Teresa of Avila).

2. moved (not planned...). new roommates: Jeannie, Ryan, James....

(Jeannie is the second one in here, pictured on a napa march birthdays weekend with the ladies :: mmm, mmm good!)

3. had our first dinner-banquet, CIOPPINO NIGHT! What a fun, fun, community-filled, successful night!

What is cioppino, one might ask? cioppino is italian fish stew, as best can be simply described. as the story is told, the fishermen used to go around the SF wharf, asking people to "chip in" to their broth - we did the same with YL, both eating-wise, and in asking people to "chip-in" to Young Life with their time, hearts and finances!

4. went on vacay :: AZ, year two! I LOVE - love, love, love - turning off my cell phone and not checking email for four days. thank you, copey, for letting us have such a vacation!

5. went to MRF :: my first rodeo! ha HA! This one is just for fun, and not REALLY the reason I haven't written on ol' blogger....besides choosing not to watch the baby cows get mangled, i had a great night! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

today I had some faves

today was just one of those days in which I giggled. And I felt alive. And so some favorite moments were had...

1. p-mail. I first of all preface this with the statement that if it weren't for my dog, I wouldn't have friends. kindof. I at least wouldn't be talked to as I walk down the street, but with a dog, and with a dog who's got one of the cutest faces in America, one has to allot for extra time just to walk from point A to point B because person C is going to stop you along the way. Anyways, MD and I are walking down the street, and these two ladies pass us; wanting to say hi to the dog [vicariously through its owner - he's like a real live little infant. would we otherwise talk to the mother if it weren't for the bouncy baby?], he obliges to the women. But he soon starts sniffing the pole in the middle of the sidewalk. We all nod knowingly to each other, and before I can apologize for my dog being more interested in sniffing urine on a pole than in sniffing hello to them, one of the women says outloud, "oh it's okay - he's just checking his p-mail." PEE MAIL. Ridiculous.

2. Fine I'll wine. This is why I love my job: we're 8 days out from Cioppino Night, our fundraising dinner. One of my goals this week was to find bibs, because cioppino can be quite the messy eatery. So this morning I hear two Italian-sounding men getting coffee behind me in my favorite little coffee shop; like any stupid stereo-typist would do, I ask them first if they're Italian (close - they're Sicilian - big mistake); then I assumedly ask them if they own a restaurant. I mean, come on, isn't that what Sicilians do in San Mateo? Well, lo and behold, they DO own a restaurant, just two doors down. We speak about the need for bibs, and he tells me to come by later that I this afternoon I walk into the restaurant, and before I can state my need-to-buy-bibs case, I'm invited to sit down and have a glass of wine with the man. Bene, bene. We chat about life and love and his move to the great land of California and how he'll never go back again - but for a once a year visit, and a fix of real soccer - and I proceed to go over my 24 minute parking spot, thus getting a ticket. But was it not worth it? I love my job. :)

3. grapenuts with frozen raspberries. mmmm. this last one is pointless, but it's one of my favorite morning tastes. I LOVE looking forward to eating breakfast, and THIS breakfast in particular. [and #3 right here is the reason why people make fun of blogs :: because we tell the world pointless details, like what we ate for breakfast. oh cara.]

Friday, March 14, 2008

once upon a suitcase

Once upon a suitcase, I had a time....I mean, there once was a suitcase given to a young college grad named cara. She loved that suitcase set, but began to notice its lack of longevity after a couple of years. One day she went to open the large suitcase - in which all the little smaller suitcases were stored - and she found that she couldn't unzip the zipper. So off she went to Florida, backpackers-style. A couple months later she was hopping on a plane to Colorado, so she went to that beloved suitcase, pulled it out and attempted to unzip it again, but Mr. Suitcase would have no such thing. She huffed and she puffed and she blew that suitcase down! I mean....then her friend cindy pulled out her guns, but alas, that suitcase was ghandi. "What shall we do?" "Do you have a knife?" And it was then that her handy dandy spiderco knife from the summer of '98 at Frontier Ranch got its best use yet. Here follows the death of a suitcase:

End note: just for good measure in an "expressing anger in a positive way," we killed the beast. (At first we - as in me, myself and I - were timid and shy, but then the beast was killeth). amen.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

from freeeeeeeeeeeeedom to marley

random movies watched for the first time as of late: Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Teacher's Pet (two "boy" movies and two classics :: I would like to say that I'm broadening my horizons).

song most played on the ipod lately :: 40 by U2

how I'm feeling about not wearing make-up for Lent :: honestly? amazing. i say this truthfully - i don't see myself as ugly when i look in the mirror anymore. why do we buy into these self-imposed, external rules of beauty? this has been one of the best exercises spiritually and mentally - and all in the midst of Lent.

I'm just saying no to coffee :: but for a few slip-ups, I haven't been drinking coffee this month either. read up on dr. tea and you'll too be convinced - it makes me *feel* so much healthier, though if you ask my friend Gigi she'll say that this no-make-up policy is getting to my head and turning me into a hippee.

Number of Fuller classes I'm taking this term: 3. oops.

Number of days until our first Mid-Peninsula banquet, aka: Cioppino Night :: 32!

book on CD I'm absorbed in right now :: FREAKONOMICS. I'm understanding econ for the first time, and on another note, I've officially become either a) a nerd, or b) old. All I listen to in the car now is NPR or a book on tape. What has happened to me? The other day I was going to pick up my high school friend, Zoe, and I realized that I couldn't show up with hillary vs. obama on in the background - shoot! Bust out the cool, Cara! quick! So I quick flipped through the channels, and the first station I found blaring music upon arriving at her house was reggae. So I turned it up loud and just bobbed my head to the reggae like I was a regular old fan.

what? I swear I am. Mon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

a walk in the life of...


I'm a dog. I love to walk! it's my favorite thing! So yesterday my master [ahem...] and I are out strolling through the neighborhoods of San Mateo. I've just relieved myself for the 3rd time that walk, and have I mentioned that I love to take a crap? I love it! We get to a stop light, and master mac gives her regular menacing command: "SIT." I don't know why she makes me sit at stop lights, but to appease her need for a power trip every once in a while, I oblige. Suddenly a nice lady comes up to us. I'm scared at first, although that's what I put off for the masses initially: FEAR. It's part of my Mr. Darcy bag o' tricks. But within 3 seconds I've decided that I'd like to make a new friend, so up my hiney goes to say hello to this little lady. "Sit down," my master growls, and the nice little lady looks at me and chuckles: "yes, shit down. Shit down." ho ho ho/chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. "Shit down, shit down."

We are now walking across the street, with our new friend to the left - chuckle, chuckle, and my master now chuckle, chuckling herself. What's so funny? But hey - we're walking. I love walking! I'm so good at it. my favorite thing! We depart from our new friend - ohhh, humans are so nice. I love humans! - and though I want to stop and smell, er, pee on the roses, we've picked up the pace. Why master, why? I want to walk fast and fierce and long. I'm a good walker, I am, I am! But faster we go. Does my master have to go potty too? Is that why she's tripping over the branches on the ground and nearly dragging her bag behind her? I betcha she wishes she were a dog so she too could just shit down on the side of the road.

yes she did.

yes she did.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Open mouth smile means "I'm having fun!"

A day at the beach with my buddy, Vicki.

Look at Vicki and MD looking at each other :: presh!

I'm excited for time at the Mtn. Lodge ((in santa cruz!)) this summer. And what a fabulous team we are...

congrats Holly and Andrew on your engagement!