living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

i think it's still christmas in my heart

Mr. Darcy, on one mopey of an evening when we put the reindeer antlers on him. He is SUCH a drama king - oh MD, you proud little thing you.

3 dear friends: Bianca Jane, Jeannie and Joanna! (although I rather affectionately like to blurt out and call her JO JO, much to no one's chagrin).

Among other recent highlights:

1. I got to see my friend Mark/Polo PREACH it on Sunday - way to go, Mark!

2. Good Jesus time and Lizzy time and Mr. Darcy and Bruce are reunited time at Whidbey Island.

3. I'm SUCH a fan of books on tape...although I suppose we could move passed 1992, and call them as they are: books on CD. Books "read" on the drive back: God's Politics (LOVED IT), and The Kite Runner (LOVE IT....still present-tense in the middle of, so please don't give it away).

4. Good time with the fam. Yes. Good time.

5. Hoards of rounds of Speed Scrabble. I might need to start attending meetings. Take 2 Anonymous?

6. Eating sushi. Making sushi-adventures with Aleah and Eric. Deciding that I probably won't be a sushi chef anytime in the near future.

7. Arriving back HOME today. Truly, home is where the heart is, and as I drove down the 5 today through northern California, I couldn't help but look at the sunset and the mountains in the distance, and giggle accordingly. It wasn't a schoolgirl giggle, mind you, but rather a welling-up-inside-of-me, I can't help myself because I'm HAPPY outward giggle. And you know it's a good chuckle when it's just you and the dog in the car. it's real. it's genuine. it's of the soul.

8. FRIENDS. FAMILY. FRIENDS. FAMILY. Yes :: soul food.

9. Celebrating the new year's with two dear buddies...and more speed scrabble. :)

10. happy '08!


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