living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, February 25, 2008

a walk in the life of...


I'm a dog. I love to walk! it's my favorite thing! So yesterday my master [ahem...] and I are out strolling through the neighborhoods of San Mateo. I've just relieved myself for the 3rd time that walk, and have I mentioned that I love to take a crap? I love it! We get to a stop light, and master mac gives her regular menacing command: "SIT." I don't know why she makes me sit at stop lights, but to appease her need for a power trip every once in a while, I oblige. Suddenly a nice lady comes up to us. I'm scared at first, although that's what I put off for the masses initially: FEAR. It's part of my Mr. Darcy bag o' tricks. But within 3 seconds I've decided that I'd like to make a new friend, so up my hiney goes to say hello to this little lady. "Sit down," my master growls, and the nice little lady looks at me and chuckles: "yes, shit down. Shit down." ho ho ho/chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. "Shit down, shit down."

We are now walking across the street, with our new friend to the left - chuckle, chuckle, and my master now chuckle, chuckling herself. What's so funny? But hey - we're walking. I love walking! I'm so good at it. my favorite thing! We depart from our new friend - ohhh, humans are so nice. I love humans! - and though I want to stop and smell, er, pee on the roses, we've picked up the pace. Why master, why? I want to walk fast and fierce and long. I'm a good walker, I am, I am! But faster we go. Does my master have to go potty too? Is that why she's tripping over the branches on the ground and nearly dragging her bag behind her? I betcha she wishes she were a dog so she too could just shit down on the side of the road.

yes she did.

yes she did.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Open mouth smile means "I'm having fun!"

A day at the beach with my buddy, Vicki.

Look at Vicki and MD looking at each other :: presh!

I'm excited for time at the Mtn. Lodge ((in santa cruz!)) this summer. And what a fabulous team we are...

congrats Holly and Andrew on your engagement!

Friday, February 08, 2008

it's not elevators, but...

I didn't grow up really hearing about or celebrating the Lenten season, and it wasn't until I got to PLU for undergrad that I began to see people participating and beginning to take it seriously. So, not really knowing what I was doing, but seeing that I was "supposed" to give up something, I partook and gave up what every sophomore in a 9-floor building didn't want to live without: Elevators. And truth be told, that was the most memorable year of Lent...and in the years following, I've sometimes given things up and sometimes not, but as I climbed those stairs every day - as silly as it sounds! - I began to understand that it wasn't just about "giving" something up, but perhaps something more.

So here we find ourselves two days beyond Ash Wednesday, and it snuck up on me , as I thought I had at least a couple more weeks to find that perfect thing to fast from. I'd narrowed it down: alcohol, coffee or make-up. But with alcohol, I'm restricted in my intake anyway right now, so it's not something I'm necessarily struggling with. Coffee, as we all know, would be a good thing for Cara to give up, but really, I also just have one cup a day (or else I start scaring the kiddies), so that didn't seem like "the" thing. And then I remember this girl in college, Sarah, who gave up make-up for Lent. Make-up?! Why would someone give up make-up? Weird! But I remember seeing her one day, and thinking, man! She really needs some mascara :: but shame on me! Even in KNOWING that she'd given it up, I couldn't walk past her without judging her outward appearance.

So make-up it is....and though I don't wear it every day, I still have this world-fed belief that my beauty is dependent upon the mascara I coat my eyes with, the liner that makes them "pop", cover-up that diminishes the uneven "ruddy" surface, and I have a hard time believing that my beauty has nothing to do with the make-up I make...up my face with. I debated it. But what about my birthday? What about this big meeting?

But as I'm beginning to see, most of it's just in my mind...

Most people don't even notice.

So I'm learning. And I'm giving Jesus my need for outer beauty and approval this Lenten season.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

today's game is...

Make a meal out of what's currently in Cara's fridge!

*my friend Mia's salad dressing :: poppy!
*Mr. Darcy's "wet" food
*butter from ... early January?
*3 old pieces of pizza from Campaigners Monday night
*an unopened jar of apple butter jam
*coconut and pecan pieces from the German chocolate cake recipe Jenn and I made in October
*a head of broccoli
*a tub of cream cheese (I'm guessing from November '07...)
*a bag of baby spinach
*a jar of salsa

Yes, faithful viewers, listeners, readers, hearers, thinkers, philophers and putter-together-ers of meals - what shall I eat now?

I think it's going to be cereal again...