living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

today's game is...

Make a meal out of what's currently in Cara's fridge!

*my friend Mia's salad dressing :: poppy!
*Mr. Darcy's "wet" food
*butter from ... early January?
*3 old pieces of pizza from Campaigners Monday night
*an unopened jar of apple butter jam
*coconut and pecan pieces from the German chocolate cake recipe Jenn and I made in October
*a head of broccoli
*a tub of cream cheese (I'm guessing from November '07...)
*a bag of baby spinach
*a jar of salsa

Yes, faithful viewers, listeners, readers, hearers, thinkers, philophers and putter-together-ers of meals - what shall I eat now?

I think it's going to be cereal again...


sandy h said...

whatever you make with what you've got in the fridge, leave Mr. Darcy's "wet" food out of it! :)

Anonymous said...

One of my faves was a glass of milk and package of graham crackers. It is a real challenge to moisten the g. c.'s just enough to be semi-crunchy, without them falling back into the glass or in one's lap. ....yep, leave Mr. D's can out of it! Muddah

Anonymous said...

umm... better than my options... my fridge died on Friday night and had shrimp in it... and I didn't know it died until THIS MORNING! Ya wanna know how good my apartment smells today????? yikes! ~ jenbaum.