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living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

from freeeeeeeeeeeeedom to marley

random movies watched for the first time as of late: Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Teacher's Pet (two "boy" movies and two classics :: I would like to say that I'm broadening my horizons).

song most played on the ipod lately :: 40 by U2

how I'm feeling about not wearing make-up for Lent :: honestly? amazing. i say this truthfully - i don't see myself as ugly when i look in the mirror anymore. why do we buy into these self-imposed, external rules of beauty? this has been one of the best exercises spiritually and mentally - and all in the midst of Lent.

I'm just saying no to coffee :: but for a few slip-ups, I haven't been drinking coffee this month either. read up on dr. tea and you'll too be convinced - it makes me *feel* so much healthier, though if you ask my friend Gigi she'll say that this no-make-up policy is getting to my head and turning me into a hippee.

Number of Fuller classes I'm taking this term: 3. oops.

Number of days until our first Mid-Peninsula banquet, aka: Cioppino Night :: 32!

book on CD I'm absorbed in right now :: FREAKONOMICS. I'm understanding econ for the first time, and on another note, I've officially become either a) a nerd, or b) old. All I listen to in the car now is NPR or a book on tape. What has happened to me? The other day I was going to pick up my high school friend, Zoe, and I realized that I couldn't show up with hillary vs. obama on in the background - shoot! Bust out the cool, Cara! quick! So I quick flipped through the channels, and the first station I found blaring music upon arriving at her house was reggae. So I turned it up loud and just bobbed my head to the reggae like I was a regular old fan.

what? I swear I am. Mon.


Anonymous said...

Way to go not wearing make-up! I have not eaten peanut butter since Ash Wednesday and am really craving Reeses! You are officially a grown up, but uou will always be a BIG kid at heart C-Mac! I love you girlfriend, AHA

Anonymous said...

Cara- Loved the last comment about music... I did the same quick change this past Thursday when I went to the high school to pick up some kids. I guess NPR doesn't really give you "the edge" with the HS crowd. Oh well. It was great to see you last weekend... Heather Troxell

Kristin said...

I didn't know you were going to Fuller! Aweseome! My roomie is going too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry mac... I guess we can't be friends anymore... I need good music in the car. You are definitely too old for me! ;) hahaha.... jenbaum.

Anonymous said...

hahaha....i have to laugh b/c just yesterday i was taking my call team buddy from work (college student) out to lunch, and I did the exact same thing! NPR - off! and some random station with music, on! as though she was going to think i was some kind of crazy old person - there's that word again, old:) she didn't care. we talked about life over lunch and it never came up....
love you girl! Alyssa "the Guch" Draper