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living.  loving.  laughing.

Friday, March 14, 2008

once upon a suitcase

Once upon a suitcase, I had a time....I mean, there once was a suitcase given to a young college grad named cara. She loved that suitcase set, but began to notice its lack of longevity after a couple of years. One day she went to open the large suitcase - in which all the little smaller suitcases were stored - and she found that she couldn't unzip the zipper. So off she went to Florida, backpackers-style. A couple months later she was hopping on a plane to Colorado, so she went to that beloved suitcase, pulled it out and attempted to unzip it again, but Mr. Suitcase would have no such thing. She huffed and she puffed and she blew that suitcase down! I mean....then her friend cindy pulled out her guns, but alas, that suitcase was ghandi. "What shall we do?" "Do you have a knife?" And it was then that her handy dandy spiderco knife from the summer of '98 at Frontier Ranch got its best use yet. Here follows the death of a suitcase:

End note: just for good measure in an "expressing anger in a positive way," we killed the beast. (At first we - as in me, myself and I - were timid and shy, but then the beast was killeth). amen.


Mrs. Kroon said...

Too cute!
And, I have that same sweatshirt. Stylish minds think alike.
-Sally K.

Kristin said...

HIlarity at its best! I can open a spiderco knife with one hand and the swing of a hip! You are such a great writer. I liked the huffing and puffing and blowing the suitcase down. heehee

sandy h said...