living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

today I had some faves

today was just one of those days in which I giggled. And I felt alive. And so some favorite moments were had...

1. p-mail. I first of all preface this with the statement that if it weren't for my dog, I wouldn't have friends. kindof. I at least wouldn't be talked to as I walk down the street, but with a dog, and with a dog who's got one of the cutest faces in America, one has to allot for extra time just to walk from point A to point B because person C is going to stop you along the way. Anyways, MD and I are walking down the street, and these two ladies pass us; wanting to say hi to the dog [vicariously through its owner - he's like a real live little infant. would we otherwise talk to the mother if it weren't for the bouncy baby?], he obliges to the women. But he soon starts sniffing the pole in the middle of the sidewalk. We all nod knowingly to each other, and before I can apologize for my dog being more interested in sniffing urine on a pole than in sniffing hello to them, one of the women says outloud, "oh it's okay - he's just checking his p-mail." PEE MAIL. Ridiculous.

2. Fine I'll wine. This is why I love my job: we're 8 days out from Cioppino Night, our fundraising dinner. One of my goals this week was to find bibs, because cioppino can be quite the messy eatery. So this morning I hear two Italian-sounding men getting coffee behind me in my favorite little coffee shop; like any stupid stereo-typist would do, I ask them first if they're Italian (close - they're Sicilian - big mistake); then I assumedly ask them if they own a restaurant. I mean, come on, isn't that what Sicilians do in San Mateo? Well, lo and behold, they DO own a restaurant, just two doors down. We speak about the need for bibs, and he tells me to come by later that I this afternoon I walk into the restaurant, and before I can state my need-to-buy-bibs case, I'm invited to sit down and have a glass of wine with the man. Bene, bene. We chat about life and love and his move to the great land of California and how he'll never go back again - but for a once a year visit, and a fix of real soccer - and I proceed to go over my 24 minute parking spot, thus getting a ticket. But was it not worth it? I love my job. :)

3. grapenuts with frozen raspberries. mmmm. this last one is pointless, but it's one of my favorite morning tastes. I LOVE looking forward to eating breakfast, and THIS breakfast in particular. [and #3 right here is the reason why people make fun of blogs :: because we tell the world pointless details, like what we ate for breakfast. oh cara.]


Gibbytron said...

you've been tagged! check out my blog and you'll know the drill. :)

Jennifer said...

I have to agree with you on point 3, Cara! I always look forward to my breakfast and plan it out the night before. I can't wait to get up so I can enjoy my mocha and either kashi go lean crunch or honey bunches of oats with almonds. :)

Jeremy said...

I know lots of people who seemingly only write about what they had for breakfast that day. ;)

Also, I was almost going to bust you for "wine" instead of "whine", but I'm glad I read to the end. You sitting down with that guy at his restaurant and having a glass of wine is a major motivation of most of my conversations with people I don't know, but it's never worked for me. For example, a chaperone that came to camp was the Northen California manager of Coldstone Creameries. You would think his back pocket would be chock full of coupons and gift cards, just waiting to be handed out. Nope, not to me.
You, however, get wine and bibs. What gives?