living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the 6 randoms for bennett....

here are my 6 random musings/postings on life - although are they really different from what I normally post?

1. I steal things. I like to steal tennis balls that I *think* aren't being used anymore from tennis courts, and then newspaper bags to be used for poo for MD. Yes, I'm a stealer.

2. I need 15 minutes of sunshine a day. now, I think because I read an internet article once that 15 minutes of such sun provides healthy vitamins, I take it for fact. So, i try myself. 15 minutes. mmmm. glory.

3. i always have a book in my purse. Always. doesn't everyone? (currently: BOUNDARIES by Cloud and Townsend). :)

4. i am a big fan of books on tape. As previously mentioned, i've become way un-cool, and fluctuate between NPR and book on tape in my car at all times (although I did switch it up today :: yes, YL kid in the car). Current book on tape: BLINK).

5. Life's too short not to walk. I try to go at least one day a week in which I walk to all appointments/meetings instead of driving my car. This is for environmental/creation reasons and also the freaking-high-cost-of-gas reasons.

6. I name everything - as if you haven't noticed. From the car to the navigational device, everything goes better with a name; although, i will have ya'll know that I'm not alone: I met another border collie owner (perhaps that's our connection...) who named her STOVETOP. Kindred spirits, I tell ya.

I tag.....

Sandy H.
D. Olson fam

Do I have to tag more than three? you know what to do....

what can I say?

In the last month, I.....

1. finished another Fuller class :: ancient spirituality. eh - although I did like reading/thinking critically about our founding fathers/mothers of the faith. (faves: St. Bernard of Clairvoux, Teresa of Avila).

2. moved (not planned...). new roommates: Jeannie, Ryan, James....

(Jeannie is the second one in here, pictured on a napa march birthdays weekend with the ladies :: mmm, mmm good!)

3. had our first dinner-banquet, CIOPPINO NIGHT! What a fun, fun, community-filled, successful night!

What is cioppino, one might ask? cioppino is italian fish stew, as best can be simply described. as the story is told, the fishermen used to go around the SF wharf, asking people to "chip in" to their broth - we did the same with YL, both eating-wise, and in asking people to "chip-in" to Young Life with their time, hearts and finances!

4. went on vacay :: AZ, year two! I LOVE - love, love, love - turning off my cell phone and not checking email for four days. thank you, copey, for letting us have such a vacation!

5. went to MRF :: my first rodeo! ha HA! This one is just for fun, and not REALLY the reason I haven't written on ol' blogger....besides choosing not to watch the baby cows get mangled, i had a great night! :)