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living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the 6 randoms for bennett....

here are my 6 random musings/postings on life - although are they really different from what I normally post?

1. I steal things. I like to steal tennis balls that I *think* aren't being used anymore from tennis courts, and then newspaper bags to be used for poo for MD. Yes, I'm a stealer.

2. I need 15 minutes of sunshine a day. now, I think because I read an internet article once that 15 minutes of such sun provides healthy vitamins, I take it for fact. So, i try myself. 15 minutes. mmmm. glory.

3. i always have a book in my purse. Always. doesn't everyone? (currently: BOUNDARIES by Cloud and Townsend). :)

4. i am a big fan of books on tape. As previously mentioned, i've become way un-cool, and fluctuate between NPR and book on tape in my car at all times (although I did switch it up today :: yes, YL kid in the car). Current book on tape: BLINK).

5. Life's too short not to walk. I try to go at least one day a week in which I walk to all appointments/meetings instead of driving my car. This is for environmental/creation reasons and also the freaking-high-cost-of-gas reasons.

6. I name everything - as if you haven't noticed. From the car to the navigational device, everything goes better with a name; although, i will have ya'll know that I'm not alone: I met another border collie owner (perhaps that's our connection...) who named her STOVETOP. Kindred spirits, I tell ya.

I tag.....

Sandy H.
D. Olson fam

Do I have to tag more than three? you know what to do....


sandy h said...

Alright Cara, I bit!

Gibbytron said...

well done. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you have posted since July! Sorry about that:) I just love your posts. They remind me to lighten up:) You look great and beautiful as always! My email is coming soon:)

Em Mc.

Isabel said...

Ryan and I just got the Boundaries book and workbook!