living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

oh mousse. oh men.

I never knew my Clairol Herbal Essences Extra Hold Mousse cared so much for me until I read the back of the bottle:

"Let me set you up with my versatile formula fused with cactus flower & bamboo. ... I'm all whipped up to hold your style with luscious shine. If you love your style, set it free all day long."

Who gets paid to make me feel so very loved by my mousse by writing these words? If apostrophe is a human speaking to an inanimate object, what would the opposite be called? I do, by the way, love the subtle "if/then" statement at the end of mousse's thoughts: IF you love your style this much, THEN you'll set it free all day long. Style, I do love you! Style, I do want to set you free! All day long!


Okay. One another random note, I appreciated these words of wisdom from my friend Cindy last night: "Cara, if you want to hang out with your dog more than go on a date, then there's something wrong. You need to go on a date."

In other words, GET OUT, SISTER, and stop waiting for the gorgeous UPS man to sweep you off your feet while you're sitting at home with Mr. Darcy!

Ahhhhh. The end.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

oh to live vicariously through others....

Apparently I have become uninterested in my own life, and am living vicariously through my friends. Take, for example, the picture and attached story below, with permission from these superstars*:

Once upon a time in a state far, far above me, there lived a dear old friend from college, Mark "Polo" Hjslfkhalkghfvik, who after traveling the American globe landed a pastoral job at a church in North Bend, WA (moving up there after I relocated to CA - we're bringing it back to me, folks, back to me). A few miles south lived a lovely lady named Cindy Lou whom I met in Auburn; we met early on, but didn't quite become friends who frequented coffee shops and talkers-to-Jesus with/for each other until that 2nd year.

We fast-forward to the here and now: CARA (yes, that's me) unbeknownst to the two of them, tells each one of them that they need to get off their hineys and join or eharmony - yes, online dating at its finest. Having such profound influence in each of their lives, they oblige.

You know where this is going.

Memorial Day weekend I get a text from Cindy: "hey, there's this really cool guy I've been talking to..." (Ellipsis is crucial in girl-communication about boys world). I don't write back.

I turn the phone off for 24 hours between Sunday and Monday, and Tuesday morning am finally checking my messages.

Message #1, Sunday night: "Cara, it's Cindy! Call me. I'm going out with him tomorrow. Woohoo!"

Message #2, random.

Message #3, Monday night: "Cara, it's Cindy. Call me. You need to call me. Yup, that's all I'm going to say. I went out with this guy, and well, you need to call me."

Message #4, Monday night: "Cara. It's Mark. I think we may know someone in common, in fact, yup, I think you need to call me."

I start screaming. I'm cussing. I've unlocked the mystery, and before confirmations can be made, I've realized that eharmony in all its profound online matching-system wisdom has MATCHED up Mark and Cindy!!!

Confirmation, well, confirmed.

At the end of that first Starbucks date, they realized they had a little link between the two of them: ME!!! I love it! Though I wish I could have, would have set them up myself, it has been quite the adventure still being in the midst of this little match made in heaven. In the wise words of Belinda Carlisle, ooh baby, heaven is a place on earth. Yes it is.

Are they still dating? yes. Will I delete this post if they break up? Well, I suppose that'd be nice. But for now let us all revel in this little slice o cute-likey pie.

*Cindy, Mark gave me permission...and said you gave permission too. :) don't be a hater!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

6 pics :: 6 days :: woodleaf '08

Just in case you want to re-live taking high school kids to camp, here are a few pics that are sure to strike a fancy...

1. "Dress your leader up to look as horrid as possible!" night. Mission accomplished. Way to break down walls...

2. Go Young Life Mid-Peninsula!

3. Cristin, a fabulous new friend.

4. I wanna be a supermodel!!!!!! How much do I LOVE - love, love love - dressing up like an 80's rockstar? I think this is my secret self.

5. this picture alone proves I just might be ready to have children someday - I'm okay with their grimacing replies of "are you kidding me? You are SO weird!"

6. have I got hot leaders or WHAT?! L to R: CJ, Dirk, me and Jesus, otherwise known as Chris.

I spent this past week up in Santa Rosa, CA - mmm, what beautiful country, for starters! SR is about an hour and a half north of San Mateo, so in speaking for Redwood Covenant Church for the week, I opted to not come home every day, and just rested and relaxed up there when I wasn't speaking. My days consisted of the following: sleep in. drink a homemade latte. Go for a run. Hang out with Jesus. Work on my talks. Work YL via phone and email, minimally. One date a day (go Brian, Roxy, Jennie N-F, and the Moores!). Then, I would show up to the church around 4 everyday to touch base; it ended up being a challenging week speaking given the varied middle school audience of kids. Though I suppose pastors go through this all the time, as far as figuring out how much their message should be outreach vs. discipleship oriented, I'm used to one or the other, so it was good but challenging processing through the presentation all together.

Tomorrow my dear friend Anna flies into town...

Sunday our middle schoolers leave for camp...

And the week after that I speak at Frontier Ranch for a week!

Current summer reading: Goodnight Nobody (chick lit), The Devil and Miss Prynn (Paulo Cuehlo - would you PLEASE read a work of his if you haven't already?!), Surprised by Joy (trying to be smart with CS...), and then The Audacity of Hope by our man Obama. :)

From awhile back, congrats Mom on your retirement!

Congrats Mel and Naveen on your recent engagement!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


* back from Woodleaf on Friday night.

*...had an incredible, soul-restoring week with high school kids there on that magical young life property.

*...was reminded that numbers don't count.

*...felt a connection.

*...went to a wedding of a dear old work crew buddy, dr. sarah louise (marsh) york, up in portland yesterday.

*...remembered again how much i love the mindy and johnny. i love that our souls are like these inter-twining beings of people who love and support and intellectualize and converse and are authentic with one another. And i'm reminded that i need not settle for less in mr. mate because there is a perfect fit.

*...giggled over my newly-dating two dear friends. when am i allowed to post the story, C and M?

*...went to a taize service tonite. love taize.

*...had a real dinner with mi mama.

*...wondered why i'm catching a 6.10 am flight in the morning. Answer: because i miss my dog like crazy. 9 days without solid Mr. Darcy time is too long for this elizabeth bennett to go.

pics to post soon...