living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I spent this past week up in Santa Rosa, CA - mmm, what beautiful country, for starters! SR is about an hour and a half north of San Mateo, so in speaking for Redwood Covenant Church for the week, I opted to not come home every day, and just rested and relaxed up there when I wasn't speaking. My days consisted of the following: sleep in. drink a homemade latte. Go for a run. Hang out with Jesus. Work on my talks. Work YL via phone and email, minimally. One date a day (go Brian, Roxy, Jennie N-F, and the Moores!). Then, I would show up to the church around 4 everyday to touch base; it ended up being a challenging week speaking given the varied middle school audience of kids. Though I suppose pastors go through this all the time, as far as figuring out how much their message should be outreach vs. discipleship oriented, I'm used to one or the other, so it was good but challenging processing through the presentation all together.

Tomorrow my dear friend Anna flies into town...

Sunday our middle schoolers leave for camp...

And the week after that I speak at Frontier Ranch for a week!

Current summer reading: Goodnight Nobody (chick lit), The Devil and Miss Prynn (Paulo Cuehlo - would you PLEASE read a work of his if you haven't already?!), Surprised by Joy (trying to be smart with CS...), and then The Audacity of Hope by our man Obama. :)

From awhile back, congrats Mom on your retirement!

Congrats Mel and Naveen on your recent engagement!