living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

oh to live vicariously through others....

Apparently I have become uninterested in my own life, and am living vicariously through my friends. Take, for example, the picture and attached story below, with permission from these superstars*:

Once upon a time in a state far, far above me, there lived a dear old friend from college, Mark "Polo" Hjslfkhalkghfvik, who after traveling the American globe landed a pastoral job at a church in North Bend, WA (moving up there after I relocated to CA - we're bringing it back to me, folks, back to me). A few miles south lived a lovely lady named Cindy Lou whom I met in Auburn; we met early on, but didn't quite become friends who frequented coffee shops and talkers-to-Jesus with/for each other until that 2nd year.

We fast-forward to the here and now: CARA (yes, that's me) unbeknownst to the two of them, tells each one of them that they need to get off their hineys and join or eharmony - yes, online dating at its finest. Having such profound influence in each of their lives, they oblige.

You know where this is going.

Memorial Day weekend I get a text from Cindy: "hey, there's this really cool guy I've been talking to..." (Ellipsis is crucial in girl-communication about boys world). I don't write back.

I turn the phone off for 24 hours between Sunday and Monday, and Tuesday morning am finally checking my messages.

Message #1, Sunday night: "Cara, it's Cindy! Call me. I'm going out with him tomorrow. Woohoo!"

Message #2, random.

Message #3, Monday night: "Cara, it's Cindy. Call me. You need to call me. Yup, that's all I'm going to say. I went out with this guy, and well, you need to call me."

Message #4, Monday night: "Cara. It's Mark. I think we may know someone in common, in fact, yup, I think you need to call me."

I start screaming. I'm cussing. I've unlocked the mystery, and before confirmations can be made, I've realized that eharmony in all its profound online matching-system wisdom has MATCHED up Mark and Cindy!!!

Confirmation, well, confirmed.

At the end of that first Starbucks date, they realized they had a little link between the two of them: ME!!! I love it! Though I wish I could have, would have set them up myself, it has been quite the adventure still being in the midst of this little match made in heaven. In the wise words of Belinda Carlisle, ooh baby, heaven is a place on earth. Yes it is.

Are they still dating? yes. Will I delete this post if they break up? Well, I suppose that'd be nice. But for now let us all revel in this little slice o cute-likey pie.

*Cindy, Mark gave me permission...and said you gave permission too. :) don't be a hater!


jenbaum said...

I will tell you... this may be my very FAVORITE of your blogger stories! I love it... gives me hope... :) Good to talk to you yesterday, and thanks for introducing me to this blogger world! It will act as a good scrapbook for me with this whole move! I LOVE keeping track of memories as good as yesterday's move! hahaha! :) love ya.