living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

it is weird....

...or is it just me that today at the dog park this old man kept busting out his video camera for his dog ONLY when the husky was humping another dog?

I mean, that's weird. Who does that?

So I shouldn't have then opened my mouth (mistake #12,349) because when I asked Bailey the boston terrier's dad if he had noticed the prime recording moments, he said, "well, he keeps some of the footage for himself, and the rest he puts on youtube." Apparently the recording occurs regularly.

So is it NORMAL then? Is there a different theme for his husky everyday, and I just happened to come on theme humping day instead of theme catch the frisbee day?

That is all.

Please tell me it's not just me.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

a legacy waved good-bye

...I just got done speaking at Frontier Ranch (Mission Springs) for the past week. It was here that "kujo" spent four of her college summers, holding song cards and singing really loud and doing the stomp skit and laughing and speaking and redhatting and doing program and hanging out under the redwoods. I think it's easy for us, as humans to continue to think that the world revolves around, well, us. In my mind, unbeknownst to me at the time or not, the question was always, "what legacy am I going to leave at Frontier Ranch?" Without necessarily realizing it, I continued to ask that question, and it was a good question to ask at the time because it pushed and furthered me to live and love with excellence. Well now, here we are 10 years (!!) since my first summer, and 6 since my last, and I realized that the question had flipped from my own involvement and importance to the opposite: "what legacy is Frontier Ranch going to leave with me?" How did that place change me? How did I leave a better person because of that camp's impact and influence on my life? It was good and natural and fun being back there, but I also laughed because my own glory days are (thankfully!) over. The torch has been passed on - as it should... It (being my own role and heart as well) shouldn't look the same as it did in the beginning. So we move on, in gladness.


I find myself today just chillin in this place - though with purpose I find myself in San Mateo, loving it, I also call this place home.

I'm it because I walked up the Frontier HIll one too many times? :)

About to finish Paulo Cuehlo's The Devil and Miss Prym. Wow. Again, please read his writings.

That is all...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

meet the roommates

The "so where do you live now?" seems to be a commonly asked question; in brief, back in March I moved from the g'ma apartment into a living situation with two other peeps from my community group, Jeannie and James, and Jeannie's brother Ryan. It's been AMAZING. My six or so months with the Anthonys was necessary in that time of transition, as I sifted through moving back down here, alone with my own heart and mind. So moving back into a communal living sitch came at the perfect here I present to you the roommies: Ryan, James, me and Jeannie. MD is not pictured, though he should be. :)