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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

it is weird....

...or is it just me that today at the dog park this old man kept busting out his video camera for his dog ONLY when the husky was humping another dog?

I mean, that's weird. Who does that?

So I shouldn't have then opened my mouth (mistake #12,349) because when I asked Bailey the boston terrier's dad if he had noticed the prime recording moments, he said, "well, he keeps some of the footage for himself, and the rest he puts on youtube." Apparently the recording occurs regularly.

So is it NORMAL then? Is there a different theme for his husky everyday, and I just happened to come on theme humping day instead of theme catch the frisbee day?

That is all.

Please tell me it's not just me.


Dones said...

I don't see how that could be un-weird, unless it was confirmed he was an official animal behaviorist or something.

Now I might conceivably do some recording at the dog park if my female dog was the target of another dog's affection, but only to document the father of the potential litter and his owner. But if my dog wasn't spayed I wouldn't take her to the dog park anyway, I think. Plus if some dog mounted my dog, sitting there filming would be the last thing I would do. And I would hope the owner of the other dog would be courteous enough to keep his dog away from others in that way.

So yeah, weird. And weird that the other guy knew what was up.

Jenn said...

Holy weird! That sounds like something you would hear about in the Offbeat News section that used to be on But, seriously...who does that?! Even people who stud their dogs don't tape it. WEIRD!!!

jenbaum said...

totally normal... I don't understand what you're making such a big deal about.... (wait.... maybe ND is getting to me already!) :) hahaha.

Emily said...

Yeah, that is weird. Really weird.

Anonymous said...

Strange, yes. Weird, definitely. Makes me wonder what else he photographs and publishes....Muddah