living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

down with ko phi phi

The six of us have all arrived on Ko Phi Phi and will be here for the next two nights. It's a beautiful island without a car in sight (or allowed for that matter). I'm in love with banana milkshakes and baby coconuts, food wise. It's crazy hot, and we seem to be reapplying the sunblock every two minutes. We're staying in the Chestnut Bungalows, in these fabulous little rooms with swan towels already folded for us on the beds. Currently, the crew is taking a quick walk around town before heading to the beaches. Quite a few people (but me) have had trouble with money, including ATMs, even if they contacted their banks ahead of time. Jackie's seemed to have the most trouble of all of us, and wasn't able to fly down to Phuket (the big island we were just on for the two previous nights) because they needed a copy of her credit card, which was ironically stolen the first day. What do you do? Finally the airline had mercy on her, but she and James ended up arriving four hours after the rest of us.

Among yesterday's highlights were sunset surfing, Thai massages on the beach (!), late night dancing (with the girls, that is - the guys have been suffering from white boy dance syndrome and need a few more people and alcohol in them before they're able to partake), and continuing to be with each other, learning and loving the quirks and mannerisms we all bring along on our respective and collective journeys. I have four more nights in Thailand then it's (sadly) home sweet home.

blessings, c.