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living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

the vacay countdown

As is often the case, in that time before leaving for a big trip/assignment/small trip/day trip/walk with the dog (...), the hours before can be rather *crunched* in. But tomorrow night we embark on a 1.20 am flight to BANGKOK with the eclectic group of James, Jeannie, Jeff, Jackie, Doug and Cara. How I wish my name was Jara, but that's another story... The itinerary is as follows:

*Saturday, 10/11: travel for 17 hours (yes, you heard that right) from SFO for a layover in Hong Kong... Plane time will be my lone read school work time: NT Wright's Volume II JESUS book.

*Sunday, 10/12: arrive in Bangkok at 10.30 in the morning. Please, someone do the math on travel hours vs. time change! Today we shall go to one of the world's biggest outdoor markets (in Bangkok) and then sleep in a posh hotel that night (for an uber cheap amount as this is one place that the US dollar is ahead of the market).

*Monday and tuesday, 10/13 and 14: Jeannie and I will stay in Bangkok while the other four travel over to Cambodia for 48 hours. While in town, we'll be doing work with various ministries and non-profits working with women in the sex-slave industry for the majority of our time, and then we'll do a brief camp training for Young Life leaders in Thailand on Monday night. :)

*Wednesday, 10/15: Go see the Grand Palace during the day, and then travel to PHUKET that night!!

*Thursday - Monday, 10/16 - 20: SOUTHERN BEACH HOPPING. And this preview here is all I then have to add...okay fine, I'll then add the following picture made famous by Leonardo in his pot-head film, The Beach:

*Tuesday, 10/21: Arrive back in Bangkok, and then fly back to SFO to arrive there that afternoon at 1.30...

So, my friends, I will attempt to post pictures and/or stories, but seeing as I haven't posted in quite a while, I'm not sure how much that will pan out. :) And I don't plan on posting whilst sitting on one of those beaches eating my mango rice and drinking my whatever-they-drink-in-Thai-Thai drink.

Otherwise, here are other random musings....

*yay for new haircuts! This is one of my new leaders, Juvy, who just cut 10 inches off her hair. Wowee.

MISS CARA: Next we have three of the girls from Aragon that I hang out with: Monique, Kiara and Raven. They call me Miss Cara, and it is just fun fun fun.

And might we have another 30 before 30 soon checked off: there's always been this pipe dream of writing a book. But frankly as long as something's called a pipe dream, really, that just means that nothing's being done to put footing underneath or backing behind it - so why not stop talking about it, and start doing something about it?! Thanks to my old friend Jen Baum, I found out about the National Novel Writer's Month. Why not?! And the basic premise of the book? Well....some of the 30 before 30 adventures, of course! Finally, I won't be on my own, my friend Brandon from Young Life over in Oakland is joining me in the cause, for accountability purposes of course (and a fun read of his book afterwards). Here's Brandon:

All righty, I think that is it for now. Will I make The Office in 2 minutes? One can only hope...


jenbaum said...

umm.... don't call me old. I am offended! :) haha.... love ya... have fun on your trip!!!!

Mandy said...

Oh my Gosh!! I'm jealous and excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about the trip. And you will make an awesome outstanding author. Can't wait to read!