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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cops is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement...

I'm writing one of two last NT Wright papers for this horrid (but mildly enjoyable in an academic "I'm learning lots!" sort of way), I must speak of an incident in the city this morning:

*car one: black Honda Civic.
*car two: silver Honda Civic
*car three: Raul the Jetta

We're on 19th Ave, which runs through SF to the Golden Gate Bridge; I was heading up there to go on a little hike through the Presidio with MD and an old friend Mary. The time: 10 am. So here we are on 19th Ave in the farthest right lane. The light turns red, and car 2 rear-ends car 1. Car 1 stops, puts on flashers and (rightfully) thinks, oh, perhaps we'll have a little discussion about this minor accident that just happened (of course, since I'm putting words in Car 1's mouth, this could also completely NOT be the case, but as narrator, I reserve the right to put words-in-mouths as much as I like).

Meanwhile, Car 2 thinks to himself, DUDE! I don't want to have an accident on my insurance! I'm outta this joint!

So Car 2, while Car 1 is getting ready to approach him, instead backs into Car 3 (that's me) in order to pull into traffic and avoid the collision all together. I'm honking. I'm talking to sister-in-law Melissa on the phone going WHAT THE HECK?!!! Granted, car 2 merely "bumped" my bumper, so I'm not too worried at this point. There are worse things that can happen.

Well, back to the story: Car 2 takes off down 19th. Driver of Car 1 gets back into his vehicle, honking, screaming, and thus starting a high-speed chase down 19th Ave. Meanwhile, Car 3 is in the back going, wait a minute, am I part of the scene now? Do I now join filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement.... and become the race-car driver I've always dreamed of being?

Car 1 - high speed down 19th.
Car 2 - high speed screamer down 19th.
Car 3 - mmmm, I don't want to get a ticket, kindof high speed, I'm really not that hardcore down 19th.

Stop light: Car 1 stops because he has no choice with the buddies in front of him. Car 2 stops. Flashers come on again. This time he jumps out of his car, again, with some slick looking weapon of sorts that he's holding in his right hand while banging on the window of Car 1, screaming.

Car 2 guy keeps yelling, motioning for the window-roll down, flashing slick weapon thingy. Meanwhile Car 3 is thinking that she's pretty much pretty not hardcore and would like to not get killed.

Light turns green. Car 1 takes off. Again. Car 2 man jumps back into his car, squeals ahead and Raul the Jetta keeps on puttin away. They turn onto a side street and zoom up the hill. Car 3 loses them.


So now the question is: do I call the popo of San Francisco in order to provide evidence for the rear-ending and front-ending of two vehicles? Am I now a witness to a crime?

dun dun dunnnnnnnn


Reed said...

That's crazy nuts!! So, you didn't get Car 2's license plate number?

Brenda Joy said...

We say - HOLY COW! Better call the police, did you get the license plate numbers????

caramac said...

so in answer to both of your questions, no I didn't get car 2's license plate # because he zipped on out of there before I had the chance! he was on the getaway! So.....of what use would it be?

jenbaum said...

Any thoughts of calling 911 in the midst of the process rather than now? I once followed a run-away rear-ender.... on the phone with 911 the whole way, in Seattle, and stayed on their tail until the 911 told me, "M'am, You really need to stop following them (as I had turned into the parking lot of The Outback Steakhouse and followed them in a circle around the perimeter)... you are putting your life in danger, M'am." I guess I am a little more hard core, because until she warned me of danger, I had no intention of getting off their tail. I was quite upset about their unethical behavior!

Jenn said...

Oh my dear that is a crazy story! I won't give advice here since I am in the industry but if you have any questions give me a call.

Emily said...

Wow. SF sounds exciting. Much more exciting than Bend. Glad you're alive;)