living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, January 19, 2009

adventures in a target hat

Upon looking through most of my winter pics thus far, there was one overwhelming similarity: the new Target hat. I bought it so that I could have a hat to drive through the cold in on my way up to Oregon (which, if you remember, did come in handy while standing on the side of the road flagging down a new friend with a cell phone, installing chains twice, etc...). So I equate this hat and slightly cheesy post to a new CD: you just can't stop playing that music upon first getting it. The same goes with the hat, so 'ere we go:

Me and Mr. Darcy, while getting trees with the fam over Christmas...puppy, I miss you! (He's up in OR for the month while I'm homeless; we shall be reunited on February 4th...not that I'm counting down or anything).

On that same tree trip, we decided to show our Oregon roots and be tree huggers: Aleah, me, Melissa.

An adventure with Raymond in Victoria:

A home-made cooking masterpiece with Brandon: pizzocheri!

Lizzy and I each took a Fuller class in CO the second week of far the hat's been from California to Oregon to Washington to Canada and now to Colorado; oh little hat, what a filled life you've had in such a short amount of time!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

if you pray...

Then keep reading, and keep this month's Mid-Peninsula Young Life prayers in your prayers!

(This came from me to our prayer peeps locally...)

*Housing for me! I have temporary housing through January, but am looking/desiring a permanent place.

*With the above, prayer for wise financial decisions with housing; it's hard finding roommates, but it's expensive living independently in this area. So whatever that "next step" is starting 2/1, I ask for wisdom and guidance and permanency as well! Is that trite? I think not.

*MALE LEADERS for high school YL

*Kids to sign up for Winter Woodleaf, both at the HS and MS level - it's cool to think/realize that kids are going to hear the gospel for the first time!

*Male leaders for the HS weekend that can then stay with the ministry!

*Now that some of the (HS) leaders are clear for going to the school to do contact work, that they WOULD get out there and meet kids! Might THIS be the crux of our ministry!

*Continued health and healing for Candy Cotton.

*Prayer for the upcoming CIOPPINO NIGHT, 3/30!

*Prayer for our Cioppino Night speaker, Jeramy Williams

*That table hosts would say YES to hosting!

*That we would be expectation-less with donors, but would desire community and their own spiritual growth and development.

*That a team of parents and leaders would be raised up to reach CROCKER MIDDLE SCHOOL in the fall! We had a GREAT interception of folks and ideas at the open house, and I pray for more contact!

*That we would LOVE and care for our leaders well.

That's it. Thanks friends....blessings, c.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

how old am i again?

I seem to think that I have the body of a 15 year old - and not in an awkward pimply freshman sort of way, but more so in that with moving, I believe I'll be able to lift hoards of boxes and heavy objects with ease and not be affected. By the end of moving time, I also started getting this spring in my step, reminiscent of the work crew days, where we'd move a crate full of bananas, and then sprint on up the ramp like it was no big deal. So here I am, three days after moving feeling like the girl from 16 candles who wears a neck brace and can't really have a face to face conversation without turning my entire body towards the whole person. I'm kind of R2D2-esque, really.

So, ibuprofen, heating pads, massage therapy, you are my best friend!

And I ... am getting old.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2 christmas pics to get your red and green tastebuds rolling...

I finally have a new camera! (After Thailand I decided that it was time to upgrade the ol' 2.5 megapixel. :) And Young Life Philippines needed cameras in general, so I bit the bullet and decided to wait till Christmas. Hence why there have been so few pics. Well, the few pictures continues, but here are a couple to tantalize the tastebuds...

this is my good friend Tess. Tess works for Young Life in Menlo Park and has become a good buddy this fall; among thinking that Roman Holiday is a to-die-for movie (along with all things Jane Austen), it's fun having someone in my life who's on the same page spiritually and just with wanting to invest into the life of another. So Tess, here's to you! (And please note my "mrs. claus" outfit, as dubbed by the starbucks' barista on the outside of my cup).

Is not my nephew, Jared christopher Macdonald, the cutest little bugger you ever did see? Granted, he's about to cry here, probably because the snow was starting in keizer and his little Hawaii skin isn't used to it! But we did chop down a merry ol' tree and had a great snowed-in visit back home.

thank you for not arresting me, mr copper!

The scene: Jackie-friend and I arrive at the church where I office out of to unload some stuff into my office post-moving. While we drive into the parking lot, we notice the security alarm going off. Since my office is in the back and isn't connected to the rest of the system, I make the quick decision NOT to disarm the code (as I hadn't set it off), b/c hey, that might look fishy.

Dun dun dun...

as we're unloading the last of the items Jackie notes that it's good that the cops hadn't gotten there yet b/c we pretty much looked like we were stealing stuff from the church. (A bike here, a bike there...a truck full of stuff...hmmm).



Officer: "Do you work here?"

Me: "Well no, not really. I mean I office out of here."

"Ma'am, I'm going to need to see some identification."

"Okay, hold on..." (CRAP! I think I left my purse at home! I NEVER do this - I swear I always bring ID with me! But on moving day, I mean seriously, am I really going to get pulled over? just my luck...).

"Hey, would you like me to disarm the code?" (me)

"You have access to the building?"


"Well then, yes. Please." I disarm the code - I mean, I guess I could have done that in the first place, but if there were REAL perpetrators, wouldn't they want to catch them?

"So ma'am, your identification?"

"Yes sir." I walk to my car, though by this point, I know I left my purse at home. I search around for it. Nope. Definitely not there. Definitely at 510 Colgate.

"Yeah, officer...I uh, seem to have left my purse at home."

"You don't have ANY identification on you? what about in your car?"

"this isn't my car."

"whose is it?"

"Our friend's. He let us borrow it to move." I think I see the guy rolling his eyes. At least he hasn't pinned me against the wall and handcuffed me.

"First name.
Last name.
Date of birth."

A pleasant fellow he is.

Long story short, apparently the code just got dinged and set off, happening at just the time we were walking in. No ID, a car that wasn't ours, an alarm that we "promise!" we didn't set off, a truck full of stuff looking like stolen items.

What a day. :)