living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, January 19, 2009

adventures in a target hat

Upon looking through most of my winter pics thus far, there was one overwhelming similarity: the new Target hat. I bought it so that I could have a hat to drive through the cold in on my way up to Oregon (which, if you remember, did come in handy while standing on the side of the road flagging down a new friend with a cell phone, installing chains twice, etc...). So I equate this hat and slightly cheesy post to a new CD: you just can't stop playing that music upon first getting it. The same goes with the hat, so 'ere we go:

Me and Mr. Darcy, while getting trees with the fam over Christmas...puppy, I miss you! (He's up in OR for the month while I'm homeless; we shall be reunited on February 4th...not that I'm counting down or anything).

On that same tree trip, we decided to show our Oregon roots and be tree huggers: Aleah, me, Melissa.

An adventure with Raymond in Victoria:

A home-made cooking masterpiece with Brandon: pizzocheri!

Lizzy and I each took a Fuller class in CO the second week of far the hat's been from California to Oregon to Washington to Canada and now to Colorado; oh little hat, what a filled life you've had in such a short amount of time!


Emily said...

Oh little hat, what adventures you have had in your young life. I see you eventually immortalized in a beautiful shadow box for all to see.:) Cara, you're lookin' cute as're the one that makes the hat look great!

Jason and Jenn said...

Cara you make me smile! I love your wordy ways of putting things. Hopefully one of these days I'll get to see you (March, MH cabin maybe???)

Szarawarski Family said...

I think you and your hat need to travel to the east coast now... New York and New Jersey need to see the hat! :) Miss you.