living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

the 2 second update on miss cara

A few days in the life of....

Saturday: moved into a new place with Jeannie and Liliana...I also in-between gave a seminar to YL student staff about time management - and laughed at myself in the midst of it. I think the biggest thing I realized was that I may be good about planning out those planned events schedule-wise, but I must learn to plan for the unexpected. Does that make sense?

Sunday and Monday: finished coursework for the recent Fuller intensive course, Systematic Theology III (ie: about the Spirit, the Church and the End Times :: super fascinating!)

Monday: Young Life that night...truly, I am loving ministry right now. I am encouraged by ministry right now, with kids, with adults with the area as a whole. There is still a list the size of Mt. Rushmore that we can and must be praying for, but I am sitting in a sea of contentment.

Tuesday: that's today. I have started training for a little thing that involves 26.2 miles...I hesitate to actually say it outloud because then it becomes real. Then I truly have to commit.

Wednesday: that's in about 1 hour and 37 minutes. I drive up to OR for a quick up and back to pick up my beloved Mr. Darcy! how I miss the little bugger!

Friday-Sunday: I speak at Mission Springs' Mother-Daughter Retreat...this is a new one. I've never had an audience of all women before...I am still piecing together all that will eventually spew out of my mouth.

Here then are a couple of pictures from camp last weekend....

We took a group of 20 from's some of our group before club. EXCITEMENT!

This is my new dear friend and leader, Annie - she's GREAT.

Joey did my hair! I think it's rather Suess-like.

Lia is a senior at Aragon; it's really cool to see the "in" that's happened with the Tongan population specifically at AHS. she's a big part of that (though she hates having her picture taken, as evidenced here).


Amy said...

Oh,'s been soooo long since our camp days (like, 10 years, when I was barely 16 and now I'm nearly 26 and a grown-up!) and it's fun to read about all of the cool stuff you're doing. I love that you're public speaking all over the darn place. Good for you. I'm happy things are going so well.

Take care.


Amy (Micro)

jenbaum said...

I love you Ms. Mac.... I am glad I got an update. I was starting to go through withdrawals. I am glad you are running a little ditty that we shall leave un-named. (I just named my half-marathon on Saturday... it was actually very liberating!) I am glad that you are resting in a sea of contentment with a heart that knows the sea of need is unending, but stays contented without being confined, by the sea of contentment. (I hope that one made sense... it did to me...) :) love you... jenbaum.

Alayna said...

take me back to the bay area with you!!! i need to get out of portland for a bit! :) i am praying for the ministry and you! i love when you blog!

Smarshie said...

Friend! I saw Jeannie at Sanctuary Sunday night, but not you. I cried a little inside. Been thinking about you!