living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the big 3-0...

Hitting the power decade (so my older, wiser friends like to say...) is officially here - and I thought turning 21 was a big deal! This weekend roommate jeannie and I did a power WEEKEND of birthday festivities, as her 29th also coincided with St. Patty's day. We started Tuesday night off going to a little dinner over in Half Moon Bay at the lovely Cafe Gibraltar:

Wednesday: dancing in the city. FABULOUS.

So then, we move onto Thursday: chicken enchilada dinner with auntie, uncle-y, friend Annie and cousin Kaitlin in Hayward. Mmm!

But Friday it really starts with the birthday-campout-pajama-party sleepover! Granted, jeannie and I were some of the only ones who wore our PJ's, but we donned them with pride:

We roasted smores, drank sangria, played the whip cream game (ie: stick a glob of whip cream on your hand, then hit your arm with the other hand, make it fly into the air and catch it with your this:

A bunch of favorite friends came from all over the place, including the santa cruz peeps, my community group and other fabulous folks:

Some (...) of us stayed up until 6 that morning, and then it was celebration #2 of the official weekend with the pancake breakfast! (Of course, is there a classic breakfast shot?'s instead of Lily and I on a walk with MD when the poor buddy couldn't find a spot of grass. Poo on the pavement it is! Also, I definitely support walking around the neighborhood in your onesie).

Finally, last night we went out to Pie Ranch near Pescadero for the community HOE-DOWN! I feel like Mr. Chapin's "Elvira" linedancing in elementary school prepared me for this night, as did the annual staff event with Johnny Barber at Mission Springs (which, by the way, I must ask: is the man still kickin' the square dance groove?). This has got to be one of those moments of wholesome goodness in which it's impossible NOT to have a smile on your face. In that way, I am a big fan of all that comes with a night like this.

So, friends, one and all, thank you for welcoming me into the power decade - it's been a great 2 days so far! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

oh the cute pups

No, I did not get another dog, but this is Mr. Darcy's dear dog-friend, Mabel, daughter of Camo and Heather over in Santa Cruz. The Troxells are always SO gracious to watch MD while I'm usually on some YL overnight in the area, and last Thursday was no exception. I owe them about 5,000 Taqueria Vallartas, so thanks Camo and Heather!

current eclectic reads...

The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. I REALLY loved Ethan Frome a few years back, as per a recommendation by classics lover Holly Ann, but I'm having a hard time getting into this one. Perhaps as a bed time read, it's a bit too complicated after a long day...

A Thousand Splendid Suns by the author of The Kite Runner. You know a book is good (ie: book on tape...) when you'd rather hop in your car and hear what's going to happen with Lila and Miriam than make a call on your hands-free cell phone! Well, for me that's a good indicator... Seriously, both of these books are incredibly well-written, and though entirely different from one another, intriguing at best.

Evil and the Justice of God by NT Wright. Apparently the Hoeksemas have a grasp on my reading list [ie: see first paragraph] - besides having taken the NT Wright class in the fall, and now appreciating his thoughts within his popular/layman's books (ie: will I ever read another one of his academia? Dun dun dun...), Andrew helped teach a class at his church on this very subject and book. Though I meant to read it in time to sit studiously under Professor Hoeksema's tutelage, it didn't quite work out, but I'm enjoying chewing through it on my own.

A book on running a marathon ... and the lazy buzzard herself doesn't want to run upstairs to see what the title is called. :)

Finally, every Tuesday morning I head over to Borel Middle School to hang out with my 6th grade buddy James who thinks I'm funny. Yesssss. This morning I covertly snuck him a piece of Bubblemint gum, and we giggled for minutes in the quiet zone of the library. Though it's taken most of the semester, we just finished up Zach's Lie, and began reading through Sparrow Hawk Red this morning. Perhaps reading a book written for 11 year olds will now always be on my list as well...

Monday, March 02, 2009


PAJAMAS, that is! Jeannie and I are bracing up for roommate birthday campout/pajama/pancake party on March 20th. Yes. We ordered our very own footsie pajamas, complete with butt flaps. I am embracing 30, I am, I am.