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living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the big 3-0...

Hitting the power decade (so my older, wiser friends like to say...) is officially here - and I thought turning 21 was a big deal! This weekend roommate jeannie and I did a power WEEKEND of birthday festivities, as her 29th also coincided with St. Patty's day. We started Tuesday night off going to a little dinner over in Half Moon Bay at the lovely Cafe Gibraltar:

Wednesday: dancing in the city. FABULOUS.

So then, we move onto Thursday: chicken enchilada dinner with auntie, uncle-y, friend Annie and cousin Kaitlin in Hayward. Mmm!

But Friday it really starts with the birthday-campout-pajama-party sleepover! Granted, jeannie and I were some of the only ones who wore our PJ's, but we donned them with pride:

We roasted smores, drank sangria, played the whip cream game (ie: stick a glob of whip cream on your hand, then hit your arm with the other hand, make it fly into the air and catch it with your this:

A bunch of favorite friends came from all over the place, including the santa cruz peeps, my community group and other fabulous folks:

Some (...) of us stayed up until 6 that morning, and then it was celebration #2 of the official weekend with the pancake breakfast! (Of course, is there a classic breakfast shot?'s instead of Lily and I on a walk with MD when the poor buddy couldn't find a spot of grass. Poo on the pavement it is! Also, I definitely support walking around the neighborhood in your onesie).

Finally, last night we went out to Pie Ranch near Pescadero for the community HOE-DOWN! I feel like Mr. Chapin's "Elvira" linedancing in elementary school prepared me for this night, as did the annual staff event with Johnny Barber at Mission Springs (which, by the way, I must ask: is the man still kickin' the square dance groove?). This has got to be one of those moments of wholesome goodness in which it's impossible NOT to have a smile on your face. In that way, I am a big fan of all that comes with a night like this.

So, friends, one and all, thank you for welcoming me into the power decade - it's been a great 2 days so far! :)


Emily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARA!!! I hope you had the best ever:)

Alayna said...

What a fun week it was for you! I hope my upcoming birthday is at least HALF as fun as yours! I love being able to celebrate people on their birthday. I hope the next 363 days are just as great!

Smarshie said...

I had so much fun at your par-tay, friend! And um...I still have the Gordon Girls birthday card in my purse. Whoops! I thought I would just give it to you at the barn dance, but then I got sick. I'll get it to you soon...