living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

post numero 259 - with almost as many pictures!

The life in April. A recap. By Cara.

The donut olympics at Young Life: we encourage close relationships.

Our banquet was march 30th...which I suppose actually doesn't constitute an April post, but we'll let that one slide. It was rad having musician and friend Mark Wagner down for the weekend, and then my fabulous friend of a high school Young Life leader, Jeramy Williams, down to speak.

Jeannie, Mark and I at the farmer's market in SF one Saturday AM...

Jeramy bringing down the house while speaking on Monday night...SO proud of him!

And then soon thereafter a group of LOVELY LADIES went to Boulder Creek (hippie mountain town - it's fabulously eco-savvy and good to the heart) for R and R.

2 of my dear friends, Jenn and Erika decided to kidnap me for a special post-birthday belated 30th celebration (and hey, if somebody says milk it, bring on the utters!). First we went out to a fun meal in the city, New Orleans style, and ate and drank well. I forgot how much I LOVE banana's fosters! Who knew the goodness that exists in that recipe?!

Then they took me to the surprise part of the evening: GREASE, live in the theater! Of course, much to their regret perhaps, they didn't realize that I'd been in that show my freshman year of high school, so I merrily sang along to, well, everything. I swear I contained myself:

One of the coolest experiences I had this last month was being with dear friends Ryan and Rachell as they got confirmed and baptized into the Catholic church the night before easter. It is so easy to get caught up in my own "version" of Christianity (ie: the one I most identify with) that I forget that there exists another side to the picture. Holiness. Reverence. Awe. Tradition.

Then, on Easter we celebrated in the afternoon with a small group of friends:

(And indeed, I wish I could stake claim to the tart, but it was ALL Jackie. Amazing).

Then, the day after Easter I flew to YL's Lost Canyon (camping property) in northern Arizona for speaker training, in preparation for speaking this summer. It was a super positive experience, but one of the highlights was getting to see the Grand Canyon again! I'd seen it when I was 14, so when I flew into Flagstaff and got to camp 3 hours and 15 minutes before we were starting training, I was stoked to find out that the park was only an hour away. God bless those rental cars: drive an hour out there, see its beauty for an hour, drive an hour back.

Was it worth it? YES. Upon leaving, I took a wrong turn (big surprise!), and ended up coming across these wild donkey-horse-moose-deer mammals. I'm still perplexed as to what they were:

Finally, just two more pics; here's one of Annie and me. annie's one of our YL leaders, and has become a dear friend. We showed up to club both in our black work out pants and magenta tops. Great minds think alike:

Then, last weekend a group of us headed down the 1 to Butano State Park, which is right outside of the little hippie farming town of Pescadero. (I seem to have a thing for these hippie communes....hmmm). On Saturday Doug and I went on a fantastic hike up to a much proclaimed but somewhat lame abandoned air strip at the top of the mountain. I expected to see overgrown wildflowers and perhaps an Edward Cullen vampire or two hiding in the shadows, but instead the bumpy ground just prided itself in gravel and a limited view. Anyways, at first I was giving MD a drink of water via my camelbak, but that seemed to be working intermittently, so Doug invented taking his own gulp of water and then feeding it to the dog. It may look easy, but getting a steady stream is hard work. I'll give you a dollar if you succeed.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the "justs..."

*just finished reading TWILIGHT. Oh Edward Cullen and Bella.

*just finished banquet a week ago :: a night in venice, you were good to the heart!

*just gave Mr. Darcy a bath today, after being told that he smells - like a dog. Bad sign.

*just gave Nordstrom Rack a little visit.

*just (finally) rolled over all of my previous 401K/retirement plans from previous employers to my current employer.

*just found out that I only have one more car payment and RAUL THE JETTA will be paid in full! My first car deed! (title...what's it called?)

*just drove down the 1 to Butano State park with MD today, at peace with jesus and the heart.

*just became addicted to Settlers of Catan - really, i think I just want to beat my friend Doug. That's about it.

*just got a Hep B finishing shot for life (wincing like a little schoolgirl), following original Thailand shots - but now I'm immune!

*just REALLY started dreaming about upcoming vacations...which is generally a sign that I need a vacation.

There you go. the "justs." And yours?