living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the "justs..."

*just finished reading TWILIGHT. Oh Edward Cullen and Bella.

*just finished banquet a week ago :: a night in venice, you were good to the heart!

*just gave Mr. Darcy a bath today, after being told that he smells - like a dog. Bad sign.

*just gave Nordstrom Rack a little visit.

*just (finally) rolled over all of my previous 401K/retirement plans from previous employers to my current employer.

*just found out that I only have one more car payment and RAUL THE JETTA will be paid in full! My first car deed! (title...what's it called?)

*just drove down the 1 to Butano State park with MD today, at peace with jesus and the heart.

*just became addicted to Settlers of Catan - really, i think I just want to beat my friend Doug. That's about it.

*just got a Hep B finishing shot for life (wincing like a little schoolgirl), following original Thailand shots - but now I'm immune!

*just REALLY started dreaming about upcoming vacations...which is generally a sign that I need a vacation.

There you go. the "justs." And yours?


jenbaum said...

I wanted to complete a "Justs" blog, since you asked, but realized you are MUCH more productive than myself! I have no justs! I guess I had better get busy and be productive today so that I can complete the Just-blog-task! :)