living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

does life....

get more precious than this? I love my little weasel of a dog.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh to have a funny day!

Some days are just funny. Today I couldn't decide between these three moments which was the funniest:

(In order of appearance)

3.03 pm: I drop off some carwash tickets to one of our Wyldlife girls; intending the conversation to last 1.5 seconds at the door, I'm welcomed into the family home with all the Greek "hopa's!" one can muster. "Come in, come in!" Sure! I beep the alarm on Raul the Jetta. I come in, and am made to sit down, to see the house, to drink OJ, and then (and this is my favorite part), to take home a bag of food. "Do you like wine? We need to give you wine. Have you tried this kind?" She points to a Trader Joe's fave, Now and Zen - I laugh, and she takes that as a yes. 3 bottles of wine, 5 protein bars, a cranberry juice and box of crackers later, I made my way to the car. Now that's funny.

5.24 pm: Again, dropping off more carwash tickets, but this time, by walking MD, we're on our way back from Meghan's house. As we're walking by a school playground where Little League practice is going on, I hear a 'beep beep!' behind me. I turn around to see Mr. Grown Man in his business suit, with sneakers on, racing by on a RAZOR SCOOTER. The other dads throwing pitches and telling their sons to put on the "angry face!" (no joke), are saying howdy to Mr. Razor Scooter, welcoming him to practice. I just laughed. Just laughed.

Oh, 8:35ish: I go to community group every Tuesday night to be with friends who are, well, just community. I love them. A series of events ensued: first, hosts Ryan and Rachell just got a Muppets' puppet - a real, live one from New York with the little talking hand stick and everything. I want one! - so I was playing around with the Muppet. Steve, one of the other guys was looking at me saying, "shut up, shut up," because you see, I was making the Muppet talk, with both his mouth and hand. "Oh, you want to see the Muppet say shut up?" The Muppet looks at me. I look at the Muppet: "shut up! shut up!" Muppet says, bowing to Steve and the rest of the group. "No, Cara, shut up." "Shut up!! shut up!!!" (Muppet Man is getting more and more excited at this point). Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You want ME to shut up. Oops. So Muppet goes back onto the shelf, but upon putting it back up there, I overcompensate a bit on the stool I'm sitting on, and then it's just this slow-mo, falling, falling, falling .... and we're down. We've definitely fallen off our chair and we can't get up. Priceless.

I think I like jolly old funny days like today. I think I do. I think I do.

But which one was the funniest?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 convos

Favorite conversation with a kid today:

[Preface: L., a friend originally from the Ukraine, is a sophomore at Aragon. We've known each other through the tutoring program for the past year or so, and a couple months ago she made me a CD of her favorite Russian songs. Pretty rad.]

"So L., are you going to go to camp this summer with me or what?!"

"Well, I don't know."

"Well, why not?"

"Well," [there are apparently a lot of "wells" in this conversation], "I'm just a bit of would you say it? ...a home girl."


"You know, I'm like a cat that stays close to the house. A house cat. That's what I am: a home girl."

ohhhhhhhhh. I was laughing so hard at this point, though trying to laugh "with" her, and not at her. :) I always thought homegirl was more, you know, of the ghetto. And homeBODY was the type that stays at home. But hey, to each second language English learner, her own.

Next best conversation with V., a senior Chinese student:

"Life is just really hard right now."

"Why is it hard?"

"Well ... I just think there must be something more out there. Like for instance, my family doesn't practice a religion, and I don't necessarily think that there's an afterlife, that I'm going to go somewhere after I die, but what if there is? What if there is a higher being, or another place?"

My eyes were BULGING out of my head at this point. I'd never talked to this girl before today, and here she was just pouring out her heart. We talked about the end of childhood soon encroaching upon her, and how she doesn't want to have to act grown-up, even though she's supposed to, according to societal norms and her own cultural standards. We talked about not worrying about the future, and about the plans that her family has laid out for her. We talked about exploring whether there is a God or not.

It was an incredible conversation in the middle of the high school library.

I love what I do for a living.

Thank you for supporting me in this journey, friends and family, near and far.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I love...

walking. everywhere. "Nothing brings home the beauty and power of the world that we live in like walking." - Julia Cameron, Walking in this World. Though I just paid off RAUL THE JETTA yesterday (woohoo!), if I could I wouldn't have a car, and Mr. Darcy and I would just walk everywhere.

I do not love...

needing to stock up on quarters to do the laundry since we don't have a washer/dryer. That and parking (!) are my two "bleh's" about living here. So, guess who's WALKING to the laundromat in a few minutes?

I have recently started loving...

GARDENING. in my auntie's yard, that is. There is something about getting your hands dirty with the good of the earth that just feels RIGHT. And weeding (though they seem to pop up as soon as you pick 'em) brings about instant gratification!

And also...SETTLERS OF CATAN! Apparently this means I might be a closet Dungeons and Dragon freak too, but it is SUCH a fun, fun game!

Need something good to support? My friend Angel is heading to Uganda this summer to study the human trafficking, sex slavery, and child soldier situations that currently exist there. Check out her website and help her raise the funds to get there!

Favorite music this week: the Ditty Bops, Dave Barnes and Ben Harper!

that's it. :)