living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh to have a funny day!

Some days are just funny. Today I couldn't decide between these three moments which was the funniest:

(In order of appearance)

3.03 pm: I drop off some carwash tickets to one of our Wyldlife girls; intending the conversation to last 1.5 seconds at the door, I'm welcomed into the family home with all the Greek "hopa's!" one can muster. "Come in, come in!" Sure! I beep the alarm on Raul the Jetta. I come in, and am made to sit down, to see the house, to drink OJ, and then (and this is my favorite part), to take home a bag of food. "Do you like wine? We need to give you wine. Have you tried this kind?" She points to a Trader Joe's fave, Now and Zen - I laugh, and she takes that as a yes. 3 bottles of wine, 5 protein bars, a cranberry juice and box of crackers later, I made my way to the car. Now that's funny.

5.24 pm: Again, dropping off more carwash tickets, but this time, by walking MD, we're on our way back from Meghan's house. As we're walking by a school playground where Little League practice is going on, I hear a 'beep beep!' behind me. I turn around to see Mr. Grown Man in his business suit, with sneakers on, racing by on a RAZOR SCOOTER. The other dads throwing pitches and telling their sons to put on the "angry face!" (no joke), are saying howdy to Mr. Razor Scooter, welcoming him to practice. I just laughed. Just laughed.

Oh, 8:35ish: I go to community group every Tuesday night to be with friends who are, well, just community. I love them. A series of events ensued: first, hosts Ryan and Rachell just got a Muppets' puppet - a real, live one from New York with the little talking hand stick and everything. I want one! - so I was playing around with the Muppet. Steve, one of the other guys was looking at me saying, "shut up, shut up," because you see, I was making the Muppet talk, with both his mouth and hand. "Oh, you want to see the Muppet say shut up?" The Muppet looks at me. I look at the Muppet: "shut up! shut up!" Muppet says, bowing to Steve and the rest of the group. "No, Cara, shut up." "Shut up!! shut up!!!" (Muppet Man is getting more and more excited at this point). Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You want ME to shut up. Oops. So Muppet goes back onto the shelf, but upon putting it back up there, I overcompensate a bit on the stool I'm sitting on, and then it's just this slow-mo, falling, falling, falling .... and we're down. We've definitely fallen off our chair and we can't get up. Priceless.

I think I like jolly old funny days like today. I think I do. I think I do.

But which one was the funniest?


Emily said...

All are funny. I like the Greek family the best. People like that are priceless.

Brenda Joy said...

Number 1. Number 1 is my favorite :-)