living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

just a couple of little pics.

The annual sickness has come upon miss mac....ahh, for resting, whether I feel like it or not! (And while I'm at it, does anyone have any fool-proof remedies for this cold/flu-like thing that's not going away? I yearn NOT to go to the doctor. Bleh).

First, we had our last YL a couple weeks ago, beach bonfire style! Here's a shot with Annie and Li - Annie's a leader and Li's a kid. Both are rockstars and convey the excitement of the evening.

Davarian has soon become one of our favorite friends at Young Life - the other week he tried to convince a poor new leader that Lil' Wayne was his dad and that he had a pet panda bear. And that, Davarian, is why I like you! Here he is in some girl's Uggs...

Then, two weeks ago I traveled up to WA for a "south end" trip, as I like to call it, making stops in Auburn, Tacoma and Gig Harbor. Old roommate Gracie was getting married, so it was an absolute delight to be there for the festivities; Gracie's then the younger sister of Gaylynn, whom I was on work crew with waaaaay back in '96 - here's Grace, and then work crew buds Heidi, Gaylynn and me.

Congrats Gracie and Buddy (best names for a couple, EVER).

I also got to meet n greet the newest Nelson, little Henry James! congrats Amanda and Jess! He IS a little quite stare-able.
Finally, I did make a quick stop in Auburn, and got to hang out with one of my favorite YL girls, Nikole. There's nothing like a walk n talk with Starby's in hand.

Finally, last weekend was my dear friend Dirk's jorts and ports party - for those of you, like me, who don't use "jorts" in your regular everyday vocabulary, it's a nice little combo for JEAN SHORTS. There you go. Anyways, first we have a pick with my long-lost friend Claudia - she's that friend that you've known for less than a year, but you feel like it's been for-evah.
And last, but certainly not least, I just want you to get an idea of my outfit for the evening: joveralls! Here I am with Erin, a friend on the Peninsula who actually hails from AUBURN of all places; we both showed up with the one-strap down joveralls. And, mind you, the beer I'm holding - it wasn't mine. I'm much more of a ports girl! :)

And to the store for some flu drugs-of-choice!