living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

no more camping!, this does not refer to the pitch-age of tent - you KNOW i'm going to continue doing that....but as of today, cara's young life summer camping season is OVER! it's easy for a YL summer to last 6-7 weeks away from the area (ie: where I live), but with only a two week assignment and one week at woodleaf, high school camp, I am DONE! That is huge! Here then is the plan for the rest of the summer:

this week: REST. big time. i can't even get off the couch right now and I LOVE it.

saturday: scotty and annie's wedding in tahoe
sunday: drive north
monday: drive north
sunday, august 9th: aleah's wedding in WA
august 15th-ish....make my way south.

august 27th: take a REAL five-day vacation to a little island off the coast of GEORGIA (yes, america) with my friend Claudia! Put Mr. Darcy up in a doggie-hotel! Turn off the cell phone, leave the laptop at home, lay on the beach, read five books, eat well, drink well, rest well, laugh hard and have a merry old time! in the meantime, here are some pics:

this was from a fundraising event we did for young life in june called CAMPNAPPING where adults in the community got "kidnapped," and had to raise bail. fabulous friends Raven and Kiara helped kidnapped Cathy, one of the adults with me, and were SO scared that we ourselves were going to get arrested. No way man.

my assignment this summer was speaking to middle school kids for three-five day sessions at camp maymac in santa cruz. As usual, it was a growing time, but I LOVED it. for more stories, just ask. :)

this was the "door" illustration i used for all of the, the work crew and summer staff (high school and college volunteers) had placed "before Christ" words that they thought of themselves as on the door to signify NEED. Oftentimes, in trying NOT to then feel that way about ourselves, we try and solve the problem on our own...we slam the door shut, and we put a big "keep out" sign on the door towards Jesus.

here's billy and reylon, two friends from maymac, whom I took for the day, touring north of SF. i don't think taking pictures in front of golden gate will EVER get old.

and here we are at woodleaf last week: here's megan, one of the girls, and I on SQUARE DANCE night! and yes, I broke my toe: first broken bone!

Here's Hailey, one of my favorite freshmen friends: we were obviously looking hardcore for sports uni night.

And here's Li, another favorite (okay, let's just admit it: everyone's my favorite!). But there were some pretty cool things that happened with Li this last week, and I was blessed to share life with her at Woodleaf.

Finally, here's a very special part of last week: Aisea. Aisea, who's originally from the Bay Area, was at Woodleaf as the camp musician for the month. Besides getting to connect with him personally, it was beautiful to see him take our four Tongan girls under his wings and give them a little VIP time. There's no doubt in my mind that he was to be up in Challenge, CA at our exact time partially for this very reason. I love it when that happens....

finally, just last night we celebrated the 30th birthday of an old teaching buddy and dear friend, Jenn, out on a sailboat on the bay! how I love Erika and Jenn!