living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

another hard but good

Sometimes I covet sitting in the hard stuff, as icky and sucky as it is. Sometimes I automatically roll my eyes when there's always a positive spin on the end of a hard tale of woe - though I do it myself much of the, as our mantra here with young life in the mid-peninsula has been to be ENCOURAGED by what we do see instead of DISCOURAGED by what we don't see, I choose both...

Hard: learning that the statute of limitations was up on my accident from 2.5 years ago, and that they never received my signed documents this summer, so the case is closed. I'm out $3500 owed to me. Grrr. Jesus, will you grow a tree of 3500 other blessings?

Good: I spoke about Young Life in the ministry spotlight at a church on Sunday, and we had almost 30 responses from folks wanting to get involved on various levels!

Hard: the girl who was going to move into my spot in the house had to back out on Tuesday...when will I get to move into the cute little cottage with Mr. Darcy?

Good: I'll still be moving into this cute little cottage with Mr. Darcy. I'm SO excited to live by myself, to live in this backyard place with Mr. Darcy who will have a HUGE yard and another pup named Scout to play with!

Hard: I'm tired and ready for vacay.

Good: I just had an EXCELLENT vacay last month in St. Simons, Georgia - oh to relax on the beach, to read, to sleep, to laugh, to converse, to eat buttery, greasy southern food...

With my friend Claudia from here in SM who took me to her southern homeland!

With college roommate Mandy who happened to be staying 10 minutes away that same weekend I was there!

Okay. Now I'm done....hard but good: that's life. that's life.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

just a few pics

Some of life in a nutshell:

My younger sister Aleah got married in August! With sister-in-law and brother, Melissa and Brandon...

And, is he NOT the cutest nephew in America? Balloon-play with Jared Christopher...

Congrats Aleah and Mikey (who are, as we speak, enroute from Dublin!)

My friend Claudia joined me for a little Oregon-California road trip heading back down south; on the way we decided to take a little detour in Brownsville (OR), and stumbled upon the 2nd annual Stand By Me festival! Who knew? And though most of you know, autographs are being given out for our dunce-like appearance in the Oregonian.

Fall, here we come!

writing. period.

I've started writing again - apparently facebook status updates just aren't cutting it. Rewind to last November: hailed by friends and family as pure insanity, I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month). 3 days and 4000 words into it, I quickly realized that this dream wasn't going to be accomplished. So here the dream book comprised of a little bit of story time, wit, intelligence, Jesus, nature, love, laughter (Anne Lamott, Annie Dillard and Frederick Buechner all rolled into one) saw its sad demise onto the back burner of my desktop.

But along came Monday. And Monday evening I found myself on a plane, situated next to Carlos the wine distributer and BB the mysterious Silicon Valley clone and author of "Boys Are Stupid."

"Why is that the title of your book?"

"Well, because I have a philosophy: boys are stupid and girls are crazy." BB decided to write a book for his beloved goddaughter upon her coming of age into teenage-dome.

"But how did you ever get it published?"

" It's a self-publisher."

So there you go, friends and family, inspired by BB, last night's vision of this year's Christmas presents (watch out, Martha - I've got my own handy craft!), I am back on the bandwagon writing again.

Current wordcount: 4,344.

Any bets on how long this current excitement will last?