living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

just a few pics

Some of life in a nutshell:

My younger sister Aleah got married in August! With sister-in-law and brother, Melissa and Brandon...

And, is he NOT the cutest nephew in America? Balloon-play with Jared Christopher...

Congrats Aleah and Mikey (who are, as we speak, enroute from Dublin!)

My friend Claudia joined me for a little Oregon-California road trip heading back down south; on the way we decided to take a little detour in Brownsville (OR), and stumbled upon the 2nd annual Stand By Me festival! Who knew? And though most of you know, autographs are being given out for our dunce-like appearance in the Oregonian.

Fall, here we come!