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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

all by myself

Right before I moved up to Washington in '05 I'd just finished watching every episode of Sex & the City starring my favorite shoe-hoarding Carrie Bradshaw (otherwise known as Sarah Jessica Parker). With her three best friends, they individually conquered the Big Apple in a unique way: through career, through love, through fame, through money, through family ... and the list goes on. They'd leave their quirky little apartments and meet up for a cosmo or a Saturday morning breakfast, and for the most part, were portrayed as successful, confident women who together could do anything.

Fast forward: I always wondered how they lived alone - all by themselves in the big city. I, on the other hand, have always been surrounded by roommates; granted, there have been two stints of living in separate family units, one up in Washington, and one down here in California, but for the most part, I realize that I have always - always, always, always - been surrounded by housemates. And to tell you the truth, college summers excluded (because with Frontier Ranch or Young Life in the midst, that'd just be over the top), my rough estimate is in the range of 28...or 33. [what do we do with the Gordon House conundrum? To say there was a steady stream of five or six is an understatement.]

In the midst of the usual this week (working, kid hang out dates - don't you love that that's not work to me? :) - reading and writing a paper for class, going on a million walks a day with MD, working out...), I also find myself packing up and getting ready to move three miles south on Saturday. And this place, or "the cute little cottage," as I've deemed it, is PERFECT. How excited I am to have a little place to call my own, in addition to having a great yard and another playmate named Chase (in the front house) for Mr. Darcy. And I don't know if hitting 30 just gave me the magical push of confidence to go out and live on my own, or if the above 28 co-habitants just made me desirous of some down time, but I'm doing it! And I'm excited! I think part of it is that ministry here on the Peninsula feels like it's finally taking off, so it's busy. And at the end of the day, having been a professional hanger-outer, I desire some down time. I want to read that stack of books. I want to sip that vino and watch netflix. And sometimes I just want to turn off.

So that, my friends, is what I'm doing. And I can't wait! With it comes more intentionality on my part, but with it also comes an eventual dose of knowing thyself - and for that, I can't wait.


trinity said...

That is exciting and I am excited for you. I too love Sex and the City and I though I have lived alone, I am really pumped about getting to have my own apartment in Rome, and making it home! Enjoy this new phase!

Alayna said...

ARE YOU LIVING WITH CAROL LIND!!!! I love Carol! She was my junior high pastor, then became one of my mom's closest friends, and then a much confided in role model to me over the years! I love Carol and I am SOOOO excited that you get to live in her back yard! I always kind of wished i could live in her cottage someday. That is awesome!

Yea for this being such a small world! Tell Carol I said hello! (Unless this is totally coincidence and it is not Carol Lind you are living with, but some other homeowner in the San Carlos area with a cute cottage in their back yard and with a dog named Chase.)

Emily said...

I'm excited for you! We'd love to see pics!

Jason and Jenn said...

I hope you're enjoying that cute little cottage. You are blessed to call that place home for this season in life. I hope you're enjoying some down time my "professional hanger-outer" (I love that!). Hope to swing by there in the not to distant future.