living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a quick recap

....went to high school camp, January 22-24. Probably looked like this the whole time:

Stress-free, that's me? ;)

...traveled to the Sundance Film Festival, watched 11 full-length films and participated in the Windrider Forum. I am still processing big-time the intersection of faith and film (and, for that matter, doing classwork). BUT, among the people highlights, lizzy and I got to hang out for the week:

And so did mark ruffalo and I. How do you like me NOW?!

...then hopped on a plane to DC for the National Prayer Breakfast, and again, am enjoying having the weekend to relax so that further processing can happen. Though we weren't of course allowed to take pictures, it brought tears to my eyes to be in the same ROOM as the Obamas. WOW. Hillary Rodham Clinton gave the keynote address, and that was powerful. So we went from faith and film to faith and politics - culture colliding with Christ, though not ever the way I assumed it'd be.

I thought I'd get more "shaking hands and kissing babies" pictures, but alas, most of the picture memories came from jaunts out and about town. One afternoon was quite memorable after arriving at National Cathedral having just taken an emergency "Holy &*$#! I can't hold it!" pee stop on the side of Massachusetts Avenue. So far I haven't received any tickets in the mail, but did manage to snap a couple of pretty pics:

And then of course, as much of the world knows, I'd planned to see James and MEET THE FAMILY down in Florida for the shuttle launching but got SNOWED IN, blizzard-style. Since joy comes in the morning, realizing that out of our group of 15, 9 of us were stuck, we decided to make lemons out of snowballs out of snow? We made do:

Dave and Siv (the couple above) gained a roomie as they let me tuck a roll-away into their odd-shaped hotel room. They made the holed-up, bummed-to-not-be-in-FL weekend lovely.

And now, I'm home....woohoo!


Brenda Joy said...

love it all :) glad you made it back to your sunny california safely :)

Anonymous said...

No way... you got to meet Mark Ruffalo! no fair!!! I love him in 13 going on 30... movie. cute new Northface puffy jacket too cara mac. love you girl, Anna

pastor dave said...

Loved making your weekend lovely and honored to be included in your blog. Can't wait for lunch, Roomy! (Siv)