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living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and so it begins.

There is an industry out there known as the BIG DAY. I'm 9 days into the world of engagement and already it's like the wedding world dropped an a-bomb on the front door of my cottage. james and i are committed to the following wedding mantra: stress-free, fun, about the two of us and life together and marriage preparation - and not the $100,000 wedding.

We met on Sunday for our first official "not calling it a meeting marriage preparation" day ... in other words, we met to plan a wedding (shhh! don't tell him I said those words!). I arranged it much like I would if I were preparing talks for a weekend at camp: 1) get a stack of recycled paper (because I'm eco-savvy). 2) at the top of each page, write a different theme; for instance, "DREAMS," "do's", "don'ts", "setting," "pastor," "FINANCIALS" (ack!), etc. The "do's" were not then about the vows, but about what we've seen in other weddings that we like.

So, on the do's list:

*Marvin Gaye (J)
*a weekend of festivities (C)


*no line dancing (J) - bummer! ;)
*no Ephesians 5 (C)

And the list goes on...I suppose this is why you're supposed to buy a wedding planning book, but I haven't gotten that far and am okay with it.

In the meantime, I'm still in DREAM phase - and in "how to have a lovely, inexpensive, fabulous, posh" wedding phase as well. Here are some ideas thus far:

*flowers: go to the farmer's market the morning of. Done.

*centerpieces: put said flowers in mason jars. fill with water.

*DJ: honor a friend who's good at music and on a mic, and hand him/her an ipod and the microphone.

*Hair: cross your fingers that a favorite friend/hairdresser will cut you a deal and still make you look pretty since she's coming to the wedding anyway.

*Photography: muy importante. Spend money here. Also beg friends who are good at photography to bring their cameras along and take one billion pictures.

*Venue: Cross your fingers, smile pretty and pray for a venue that's free and that we can fit a big white tent into the backyard of!

*Tables and chairs: see if churches I have a relationship with (through YL) will offer us a few ... or BYOC! I've heard of that - bring your own chair!

*Dessert: 1) BYOD - for all the little old ladies who want to participate, have them bring in a dessert! Potluck dessert at a wedding - yum! (Note: there would only be one "BYO-_______"). 2) Do a nice 6-inch cake for the bride/groom, and then do a cheaper mass production cake for the rest of the peeps. 3) Hire Jenn Lopez to make hoards of cupcakes.

*Food: MUY IMPORTANTE - we want this day to be a gift to everyone involved, so if they're showing up, they're eating! We'd like to do a SOUTHERN meal in honor of James' heritage: fried catfish, hush puppies, cornbread and greens, anyone? next question: does anyone know of a cheap but good private caterer who'd like to cater our wedding with such food?

*Drink: yes. Hopefully we'll be able to have a location in which we can bring in our own beer/wine.

*Date: WE DON'T HAVE ONE, FOLKS. I know that with summer vacations and such, inquiring minds want to know - but we don't know yet. I'll say it's our goal by April 15th - how 'bout that?

*Special friends, bridesmaids, flower girls, etc - still deciding how to honor dear friends.

*Wedding planner: it's me, it's me! DREAM BIG and have monthly crafting parties. :)


I'm glad for websites like this one here and that one there that give me hope...and now, stress-free, let that be me!


Brenda Joy said...

cara, this blog made me laugh so hard I cried :) I don't know if that was the intention, but I love love love reading about your wedding lists :)

ps - I highly recommend your flower idea :) worked great for us, and even more fun was randomly giving them away :)

caramac said...

Well I'm glad you laughed - and cried. There was no intention other than to process through that which we've been processing. :) Flowers: i'm all about the farmer's market! I mean really, they're just FLOWERS - and every flower is beautiful!!! thank you in advance for bringing your camera. :)

Jason and Jenn said...

What a great blog post. I laughed so much, because answering all those questions, seems like a moment ago for Jason and I. May I suggest possibly doing flowers at Costco? They have a great selection and you can pick them up the day before (plan a good few hours to put together bouquets, butiners (sp??) and corsages). We did ALL of our flowers for under $200 and we had a TON of flowers at our wedding. And yes, SPLURGE on the photography! It is worth it!!! Also, get someone (a free friend) to video the day for you. It is fun to go back and watch the day, because it will be such a blur for you. And, I will bake/make whatever sugary confections you wish (or if you go another route, that is fine too). Oh, so happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!! Gives me a small window as to what is going on for you two....and I love it. Muddah